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    Just my opinion on Twilight Spark: It's the only ranged spell that Pony gets until wub cannon. If you use ponymancy as an attack skill instead of a support, Spark scaling as well as it does is a good thing. Not to mention that it's a single target spell. Zoos are a ponymancers bane.
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    Hey, he didn't announce it here, but the creator nerfed Fluttershy like I was begging him to! She's now quite weak, but that's okay because she comes at level 1.
  3. I'm very disappointed by the power level of my item.
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    I said that too.

    Having them be early items that carry you a bit (a strong neck or head item early on is a very good thing) is fine I guess.

    The creator doesn't seem to want the Elements or tiaras to be late-game things, so I suggested giving them bigger artifact quality than they rightfully should have.

    That has the chance of making them horrifying but seriously there's a lot of randomness in this game anyway.

    In one sense, my Princess, the crowns are good because--okay, not yours, but your sister's has a meaningful resist. They both also have 2 mana regeneration which isn't thrilling but is often a very strong effect, and a rare one.

    Your tiara on the other hand has a better damage type but eh that doesn't matter all the time and your resist doesn't do bloody anything.
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    Princess Celestia! *bows*
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    Why not apple beer (Applejack reference), A skill that instantly raises savvyness a bunch, the twilight horn wand [4 charges left], Pink, sparkly, WINGS! (Pinkie pie reference),chocolate rain cloud (Season 2, episode 1 reference), a purple dragon with green spikes (Spike, mini boss) the enemy in season 2 (Forget his name) (mini boss), etc.