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    Holy s*** that's a big rat.
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    It's Brain. He wants to use diggles for his next plan to conquer the world.
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    The plush diggles are 50% off now and have been for about a fortnight - really should have posted this before. The site has rebranded and they've added a cheaper shipping option, which means I've *finally* been able to order one at a reasonable price (about $32, as opposed to the $60 or so it used to be).

    According to Daniel, it's thought there aren't any sketch cards by David left now, so if you were hoping for one it's probably not going to happen (and you can't bribe David).
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    Thank you! This is great news
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    "Good news! All of the items from order *blah* have now been shipped:

    1x Diggle - Diggle"

    I hope it still says Yellow Bird with White Nose in Plastic Bag when it arrives.
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    Are those still only shipping to yankees?
    Or the dragons of the First World can get those now?
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    There's shipping to other countries - has been for a long while - but now there's finally a more affordable option. For me the original shipping was (and still is) $40 to the UK, but now there's a cheaper, slower option at the still pricey-but-more-reasonable $20 or so.

    Of course, this might change depending on your country.
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    It's $20 to Belgium as well, so the Channel doesn't make it more expensive
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    Indeed. The Yellow Bird with White Nose in Plastic Bag must flap over the open sewer between La France and Ye Olde Englande of its own volition.
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    I should post a new shirtless pic, I've shaved my head and I've been doing insanity workouts for the past few months.
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    But ... how is that relevant to plush diggles?

    Unless you mean that you mutated into one.
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    I think he is prostituting his body, raising funds for his very own Diggle plushie

    I see no other explanation.
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    Or maybe Ruigi wants to do a new version of an image he (IIRC) posted a year or so ago...
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    Turns out Lutefisk is a fan of Game of Thrones.

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    It looks like these are now completely out of stock. I grabbed one for my four-year-old daughter (who absolutely loves this game) and one eye completely broke off when she dropped it :(. Any chance that more will be made?
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    Yes, it should grow back when Vlad Diggula stops cursing the poor little thing.
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    Aren't they available at Assemble? I was going to buy one. Also, I think their eyes are easy to replace if you can sew. Or you can just buy doll eyes (or even buttons) at the sew store and glue them on.
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    Thank you for the link!
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    It's the only place they're available.
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