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    (for episode 1)
    This seems to be a good way to get the word out about Clockwork Empires (found it while surfing the net).
    The Youtube Let's Play video garnered 17,162 views for episode 1, 4,690 views for episode 2, 3,371 views for episode 3 and so on up to 3,201 views for episode 6.
    About 30ish minutes long, seems to be version 40, his voice/speech is clear and easy to understand.
    What's good about it is that he highlights that is unique/interesting about CE (ie, he says, "The neat thing about this game is . . .). He makes comparisons to Dwarf fortress but says it's much more. I see a respectable sized church at around episode 6.

    However, he highlights some issues. For instance, a soldier is frozen in place. Also, he states only one metalworks module is being used despite at least two of each smelter/charcoal kiln is available, but from what I see, the metalworks only has one overseer and no workers (he apparently does not know that each person can only work one module at a time).

    Overall, this exposure (at least 3k views each episode) certainly brings attention to CE.
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    Yeah, that was a pretty good one. I'm really looking forward to one from Etalyx (this game is exactly up his alley), and Quill18, but I'm happy to wait until it's further along so there's a bigger amount of entertaining wacky content for them to comment on--and less chance of bugs. And of course when Total Biscuit gets a turn... Yeah, there will be an explosion of interest.

    In the meantime, Alephred continues to be the definitive CE youtuber--and always will be in my book. :)
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