Pet Bomb Squad?

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  1. Am i the only one that uses their pet to disarm traps that get in the way. I feel bad at first but then i remember that its for science.
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  2. Laml

    Laml Member

    I do this too. Especially to disarm these Acid Bolt Traps that protect the "Treasure Rooms" without dying :3
  3. Tacroy

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    Look at the description for Summon Wyrmling in the Promethian skill tree.

    Having your pets set off traps for you is an ancient tradition in Roguelikes.
  4. Solstice

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    I like using my pet as a shield while I try to disarm ranged traps. Just put the pet between you and the face on the wall, and then hack away at the trap until you succeed or your pet explodes. :)
  5. wirdal

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    I just do this with the unconditional love spell from psionics and get some monster to be a shield for me when i try to disarm a trap which i can just push out of the way :p
  6. ScytheKnight

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    Hmmm... I had a rogue with fungal arts... I think my pet slime set off more of my traps then the mobs I was trying to kill them with... heck I had one die from stepping on a tile with a Firespout Mine flame on it and trying to fight from that tile, I summoned a new slime who IMMEDIATELY stepped on the OTHER Firespout mine I'd laid.

    And let us of corse not mention the amount of times the Promethean pet wyrmling goes "Ohhh shiny!" at explosion runes...