1.0D Oven Doors a Flapping

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Artaxerxes, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Artaxerxes

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    Cosmetic as everything works but for some reason the small iron doors on my ovens are flapping away and its very distracting.

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  2. BearCavalry

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    I've also seen this. The door opens and closes like it's stuck in a loop even though the ovens not in use. Only for the iron ovens however. When they are placed they don't do that, but once used they open and close as if speaking a horrible dread language unfathomable to human ears... clearly these iron ovens have become possessed by eldrich forces... I recommend monitoring your Cook's for any cultist behavior and inform your local Imperial Occult investigator to examine your ovens carefully. I just hope he can tell the difference between a burnt piece of meat that fell in the fire and a vile black tendril trying to murder him.
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  3. Cengro

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    I can confirm that the iron oven doors opening and closing is a bug..