Ominous Project Odin Speculation Thread

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    Seek professional help Godwin. :)
  2. my guess is some kind of puzzle game maybe another simulation where you are a god-like figure and control the management of your towns economy but obviously I could be wrong something tells me there's more to it than meets the eye
  3. Nicholas

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    ... something more than meets the eye is actually a very valid comment, but I'm not going to say more than that.
  4. ooo i know transformers DoD style autobot transform to diggle mobile
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    I'm hoping for Diggle Keeper. Or Diggle Fortress!

    Which totally has nothing to do with the hint, but still.
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    It's a platformer in which you play as a red square named Odin. You have to run across several levels (woods, hospital, salt factory, hell, etc.) in order to find a nap and start Odin sleep. Also 1 hit kills you.

    Also its on X-Box live.

    Also it's garbage unless you have a controller.
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    Odin is a new type of pointing device that you put in your pants. :)

    The project part was abandoned due to blindness of everyone who volunteered to test it. It is just Odin now.

    Or perhaps Odin is an antisocial networking client that has only two options. "I hate this" and "Ignore this forever". :)
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    Well Odin was a one-eyed god, so the game will probably simulate the world in 3-D as seen by a one-eyed god with no depth perception. It will probably be sold in stores with an eye-patch included as a 'revolutionary new virtual reality device'.
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    Yes Fax, and what else?

    "Dungeons of Dredmor 2: More Dred"?
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    Dungeons of the Eyebrowed Avenger. (What else could it be after you kicked Dredmor out?)
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  12. Nicholas

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    Hmm. I don't think we've released new information lately. Still, nobody's really in the right track.

    (And it's not a Dredmor sequel.)
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    It's a spreadsheet program. With trestles and poets and diggles.
  14. Haldurson

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    I predict that
    1. It is a game which...
    2. I and others here will purchase on or before the launch date and...
    3. No diggles were or will be harmed in the production of said game.

    I'm only moderately certain of the first two, and the third item makes me slightly sad if it turns out not to be true. Well, slightly. Those diggles probably only got what's coming to them.

    /edit yes, i know it's not a Dredmor sequel, but that doesn't mean that diggles (living or dead) are not involved in the production.
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    The only diggles that should be harmed in the production of a game are those :dmg_conflagratory::mad::dmg_conflagratory: :dmg_conflagratory::mad: Arch and Muscle Diggles. The cute little regular diggles need to be kept out of it.
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    My first instinct is to say that this is a puzzle game. However, we were told that nobody's really "in the right track". That was on June 22nd.

    However, before Feb 29, we were told:
    "Several guesses about Project Odin are accurate. Many miss some key points about gameplay."

    So the "big" guesses before Feb 29 were:
    Gaslamp has not *yet* refuted the RTS claim.


    Wikipedia tells us that Dwarf Fortress "is a part roguelike, part city-building freeware video game set in a high fantasy universe in which the player takes control of a group of dwarves and attempts to construct a successful and wealthy mountainhome. Along the way the player must face off with the dangers of their environment, invaders and sieges, vampires and other night creatures, and the occasional rampant megabeast, all while keeping their dwarves happy and their fortress alive. A second game mode, adventurer mode, places the player in the shoes of an adventurer as they wander the world and do battle with various creatures."

    Possible shared ideas in this were not yet refuted, either.

    Not yet refuted.


    So let's tell ourselves what it is not:

    1) It is not a tower defense game.
    2) It is not a simulation game.
    3) There are no dwarves. There are no elves.
    4) It's not a Dredmor sequel.

    Let's take a look at the raw information we have:

    Feb 28: Rejected Titles for Odin: "Orphanmangler", "Mighty Erections of The Victorian Age", and "You Have To Pierce the Royal Consort."

    Feb 29: Several guesses about Project Odin are accurate. Many miss some key points about gameplay.


    How many times do we have to say this?

    Mar 6: - there are gears.
    - there are boilers.
    - there are trestles.
    - there is an overseer character who has a little box that he can lug around.
    - there are shanties, and a modest collection of building materials (wood, brick)
    - there are some interesting pictures of terrain and an elevation map.
    - we've hired a character artist, an environment artist, and an animator.
    - there are Leyden jars.
    - there is networking code.

    Mar 6: I'll say this much outright: Just about every character will have a female version. (Except The Queen; already female.)

    Mar 6: No dwarves. No elves.

    Mar 9: Today in the office: fun with broken Maya exporters, UI design, grant writing, making a windmill, and debugging quaternion code. ‪#odin

    Mar 13: "Crimble is kind of like that, but in a bowl and served as a breakfast cereal." "... these are bricks." "I know!" ‪#odin‬ ‪#thenewlutefisk
    Mar 14: Adventures in character rigging: "the center of the neck stump must be placed at exactly (0,0,0) in Maya coordinates." ‪#odin
    Mar 14: @spectermk For the character model, yes. Heads are swappable ergo their own models.

    Mar 20: Joseph: "Over here, we have a rapidly growing collection of small hats." ‪#odin

    Apr 24: (Aren't windmills the thing *every* Minecraft player wants? We deliver from day one.) ‪#odin
    Apr 25: Chicken. Terrain. <Fluid> pump.

    May 10: Today's example of object-behaviour composition on the programming team: "Flammable Urchin." ‪#odin

    Jun 22: Hmm. I don't think we've released new information lately. Still, nobody's really in the right track.

    (And it's not a Dredmor sequel.)

    What information can we deduce?

    • David sounds like Fozzy the Bear.
    • It's set in a "Victorian" type of era. This is reinforced by a mention of "The Queen" and a distinct lack of modern electrical sources other than the Leyden Jar at the moment.
    If there's an underground, there must be an "above ground".

    • Urchins/orphans have been mentioned more than once.
    • Heads are interchangeable. This means that we have customizable characters to some extent. The heads may be visual only, or they may play a role in the abilities of any given character. Same with the hats.
    • There are no dwarves or elves. Wouldn't want to step on any toes there.
    • Quaternions, windmills, pumps, and various kinds of things related to animation and 3d rendering have been mentioned more than once -- so this will actually take advantage of graphics cards, unlike Dredmor, and will probably even be animation-heavy.
    • Both Minecraft and Terraria have been mentioned in relation to Odin. Since it was confirmed that Gaslamp is not taking over Terraria ( ), we know that's not it. Still, it was confirmed that there are sandbox elements in Project Odin that Terraria players will enjoy. Specifically mentioned were "(Also, gears.)". If LittleBigPlanet has shown us anything, it's that gears are a means to let players customize their sandbox environment in conjunction with other elements that the gears use as a co-trigger for actions.
    • We've got multiplayer on our hands here, but it was also confirmed on this forum that the game isn't *only* multiplayer. At the very least, this hints at player-designed spaces that can be shared, and possibly even "played" offline.
    What can we guess?
    • The response from the community in developing mods prompted the Gaslamp developers to capitalize on something that they're obviously good at. Awesome.
    • "Crimble" was mentioned. Perhaps we'll get the game at Christmas?
    • The force-based algorithms can refer to a random generation method for the game world, a method of explosive animation, or a way of visually showing player relationships.
    • "No dwarves. No elves." -- This doesn't mean "No vikings."
    • The fact that urchins may be flammable means that either they're controllable to some extent and can be set on fire, that fire is an attack that can be used against them, or that fire is an accident that can happen TO them.
    • *If* you get to play the aforementioned overseer, that could mean that you need to control these Urchins to get things done in the sandbox, that you need to prevent them from screwing up your sandbox, or that you need to try not to set them on fire while you play in your sandbox..

    I could be way off-track on all of this stuff (except for the Fozzy the Bear part). I'm not interested in either Minecraft or Terraria, so maybe I'll just send up sticking with Dredmor? There's obviously a market in the builder-type games, so it's a good move (IF that's what this is), but I prefer having RPG elements. The one thing that would make me play a builder-type game is if there's a heavy amount of story associated with it.

    Okay. Tear apart the ideas that have been gathered here into one spot if necessary, please; invalid validations! Deny that which has been nyed, reject the projections, disprove proofs, and untangle the tangled web we weave! ;)
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    I'm impressed.
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    Well, if there are dwarfes, they simply must have the racial ability to join together into a superdwarf.
    Like Odin's might or whatever it was called from OotS, only with multiple dwarfes merging together.
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    there are no dwarves
  20. Frelus

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