Ominous Project Odin Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Nicholas, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Xaxio

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    I think that my guesses fell short of the mark several times, but they were also fairly accurate in some regards. However, I think I get extra credit for making it easier for other people to do their homework. I think I only get an 85 :(
  2. OmniaNigrum

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    I do not mind lying. So I get a 100. :D
  3. I give myself a 0 for accuracy (before I got some friends in the UK to help out,) but a 100 for sarcasm when I posted later.
  4. I think my only guess came out fairly accurate. I'll give myself a 95, tempered only by the fact that my guess was really fairly cautious.

    Brb editing gold star into my avatar.
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  5. Haldurson

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    This was my closest guess. I think I'd grade myself at around 40% or so.
  6. My first speculation was pretty correct though I can't exactly tell if the SpaceChem part is on the spot but I feel that it is :D
    but my second guess is more off the track as I thought it would be a 'destroy your enemies' RTS although the other parts hold some truth so my score is:
    90+x where x is an integer which represents the correctness of my guesses which I'm still unsure about.
  7. Godwin

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    I just reread the first 10 pages and checked my guesses. I actually said it a couple of times. I did miss the Lovecraft vibe until it was too obvious though and for a long time thought there would be dwarves so I'll give myself a -10 which results in a 90.


    Nicholas had reacted in such a manner (the post right after Dwarf Fortress + Gaslamp Games he said we disappointed him) that concluded to me that we hadn't had one right guess yet. But I STILL said it would something like that.
    So I give myself a +5 bonus and arrive at 95.

    yippie ;)
  8. OmniaNigrum

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    This idea of people honestly grading themselves is as ludicrous as Diggles Dancing. And that is as insane as luck and hope and joy.

    (At least I had the decency to say that I was a lying cheat when I gave myself an unfair grade. :D)
  9. Lorrelian

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    Wow, I actually went back and looked at my guesses and I think I managed a metascore of about -12. That's bad, even for me...
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  10. Shhhh don't tell them that! :p
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