Ominous Project Odin Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Nicholas, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Wait, at the end of the timer will there be plush diggles for sale?
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  2. Does 'Web' mean 'requires Internet connection' to Canadians?
  3. I don't even know why i am bothering but...
    ...A horror-themed colony management game set in a dystopian steampunk universe? Gaslamp's version of Caesar, if you will.
    I assume your main character will be a paranoid colony manager with issues. Serious issues, the kind that make you put squids in deers to ensure they won't run away.
    The multiplayer element is that you can play multiple overseers in one world (i would think). I suppose its not really "like" minecraft in that, while there are SOME crafting elements (it wouldn't be a gaslamp game, w/o one, i'd think) it is actually more focused on creating and efficiently managing AI controlled resources, rather just building everything from the ground floor up.
    I also assume that it will have more in common with Terraria rather than minecraft i.e. there will bosses that you can work towards defeating (or that will come at the end of X period), rather than just building stuff randomly indefinitely, and you can craft weapons/traps/etc to kill increasingly stronger enemies.
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    It is a game where you decide the activities and resources of a colony. It is multiplayer so your results can be monitored to find the best solution to a world with multiple trillion beings that are mostly too dumb to tie their shoes without someone teaching them how every day for years.

    In short, Gaslamp is building the virtual framework and control methods for the NWO. You will comply or the squid will be removed from the deer and put in you. (Shoot me now.)
  5. That would be too easy. The thing you mentioned about removing squids, though... interesting...
  6. They are actually building a Canadian mind-control device that's why they got the funds from the gov.
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    Canada is preparing a mind-control fueled invasion of California. Because those hippies in Washington and Oregon won't stop them!
  8. Ah, so you think it's dorf fortress, that would be hilarious.
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    Quick, 3 hours!
    Someone break a leak just for it's own sake!!!
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    Three hours? *Perks up*
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    A last attempt:

    Is it going to be like a reverse-Dungeon Keeper/X-Com to an imperial setting, where the player in name of the Old Country invades and colonizes A New World in search of apparently abundant unobtainium, only to walk straight into the monstrosities' carefully planned lair?
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    A steampunk RPG where you have a band of diggles at your disposal, while you have to keep your mother from turning into a radish.
    Dredmor will make an appearance as a sidekick, but will only be unlockable for those who preordered the game at midnight in your local dairy farm wearing a lutefisk hat.
    Anybody else will get a suicidal Rutabaga as a sidekick.
    The diggles are obviously plushy too!
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    32 minutes! Until the NEXT expansion of Dredmor is announced...
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    Silence (in this thread)! I am super excited.
    Why though, are there no screenshots yet on the main page.

    I guess giving Pcgamer cutting info was a good idea.

    I can finally build my dystopian society, will large cesspools. factories dumping waste everywhere. Billowing toxic clouds and the like. Hopefully the citizens can 'evolve' and be as variable as the buildings... i want mutant half man/half machine hybrid populace.

    Edit: thanks for the Link, comment updated.
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    My thoughts: Well, there is another game on my must buy list once it comes out, I just hope I will have a PC that can run it when it comes out.I like the graphics and art direction. It has polish but is not overly realistic like a lot of modern games, and it looks like you guys did not go overboard with the shaders. I'm glad that it will be moddable and will be both single player and multiplayer.

    One question, do you have a vauge idea of the system requirement, so when I buy a new laptop it will be able to play it.
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    Accesibilized Dwarf Fortress with a clockwork and lovecraftian theme. Sounds like most people were on the nose.
    The one thing that surprised me a bit (besides the very nice graphics) is that it sounds like the clockwork and lovecraftian themes are distinctly at odds -- in the sense that you won't be invoking them as the player, only defending against them. Perhaps I'm wrong.
    I sort of expected a less of a dichotomy, with voltaic energies regularly making use of high-dimensional spaces and energies or some such and thus having a bit of a lovecraftian theme.

    Maybe even some fungus mosnters stuck in hamster wheels to power machinery or brains in jars to keep great inventors around.
    Maybe that's still there.
    Oh, so what's the ETA? Did I miss that?
    Excited anyway. :)
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    Please grade your guesses on a scale of 0 to 100. Anybody over 90/100 gets a gold star. Some very good guesses here, and a bunch of things that were fairly thoroughly off the mark. :D

    Any further Clockwork Empires discussion should be moved over to our brand-spanking-new forum.
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    Well, since it appears I was right with Cthulhu mythos part I'm giving my self a 91.