Ominous Project Odin Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Nicholas, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Arron Syaoran

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    I used to get addicted to it in high school. It came with Hoyle's Puzzle Games for PC. Apparently the best game in the package.

    Edit: Less T.I.M., more Odin Speculation. The first TIM post I made WAS speculation on Odin.
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    Yeah, the same here. And come to think of it, there was that one contraption that I dealt with in a pretty insane way, having not noticed a crucial element and stubbornly trying to get around it until I succeeded (for which I needed to light a light bulb by pushing the cord, and that is not something that should be possible).
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    Ah, yes, fun times were had. Laser fun. And ‼FUN‼ (Yes, the ‼ is one sign. You learn that on the Bay12 forums ;))
    I hope it is something like that, only with a steampunk premise, and you can make illogical projects (Clockwork Laser) ala Genius the Transgression.
    Then, much ‼FUN‼ will be had...
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    Yeah. I have not been back 24 hours, and already I am back to the same old off topic nonsense. I may have to make a Zalgo thread though. That is new to me.
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    Wait... is project Odin a mad scientist (and/or mad industrialist) simulator?!
    Do we exploit the natural environment for half-baked concotions to use for war and or greed?

    Can we experiment on 'urchins'?
    If we give them gills do we earn a "sea urchin" achievement?

    Modular heads (and other parts?) is part of what allows you to efficiently depict the crimes against nature that we conduct in the course of the game?

    Does lovecraftian 'justice' occasionally come to balance out the power our unfettered devotion to the mad scientific method has given us?

    If these elements are in the game then I am SOOOO in! :)

    (If not then I may need to revit my own design documents... Also, where are these pictures I keep reading about?)
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    Maybe it's like a Sim City for Diggles and Squid Deer? Sim Diggle Squid Deer?
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    Ah urchins. Meat for the grinder. I think you can experiment on them even if Odin is not about that. :)

    What modern game did not have Urchins? The Fallout series had urchins called Super Mutants. Borderlands had urchins called midgets....

    (I better stop before I give 200+ examples of "Urchins".)

    But be aware that Zalgo considers urchin research essential. for our suffering and his amusement.
  8. I have been reading up on the Odin info and I feel the time has come to update my speculation...
    Speculation update starts now!

    So what's really important is that it will be a multiplayer game which means that it will be an RTS but with some twists!
    The game will rely heavily on physics and will be complemented by lightweight chemistry fun (like explosions those are fun).
    So you will be waging war on other players in unconventional ways like pumping gas trough pipes(!) (pipes will be key) to your opponents base then sending in a currently aflame urchin (who caught fire in one of your factories) to blow up your bloody enemy and he will counter by draining your water trough pipes so your urchins thirst or by gathering the toxic sludge which his explosives factory makes as a byproduct and which makes his urchins sick into barrels and throwing it into your water source to make all of your urchins sick.
    All in all plenty of urchins will die.
    Though I'm not sure about sending urchins maybe they can be only controlled undirectly :p

    Did I make sense?
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    Sadly, you did. :)
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    Haskell is fun to use, but I can't imagine actually using it for anything serious. Still, I loved playing with the language.
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    ...You have to mow the deer with the squid?
  13. Frandarre

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    I d-don't kn-know...
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    You have to put the letters into the, more like :)
    And the beer in the Haskell, and the fun in the endofunctors... (fancy that! my favourite programming language!)

    Anyway, with Haskell and Cthulhu mentioned in the same thread, I'm beginning to feel like a character in one of Charles Stross' Laundry books.

    case (Nightmare Green) of _ -> error "You are not cleared for this"
  15. Given those ominous wall scribbles, the setting is sounding something like Bas-Lag
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    SomethingAwful goons have discovered something you have not. SHAME on all of you.
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    Oh hell. That is an awful omen...

    *Edit* WTF When did somethingawful start "Selling" user accounts so you can read their excretions?
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    2002 or so? Nicholas, David and I are members, and most of the original beta testers were too ;)
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    Has it been like that a decade? Damn. I really missed out on loads of jokes.

    Any spoilers on what they figured out? Or shall we wait and see?