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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Eikre, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Surprised this isn't listed: ever since the "disable click-to-move" option came in, it has to be re-clicked every time you load the game. Every other setting remembers what you select from session to session. I've had more than a few deaths because I forgot it defaulted and I had to re-select it.

    (this is in OSX, by the way, maybe it works fine in other versions)
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    Same in others.
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    Actually, I do have it, bottom of the second post.

    Now that the situation has settled I'm gonna straighten out everything that's been commonly attested. Should be a few hours.
  4. Posted this in the DLC bug forum as well, but for thoroughness:

    My Big Game Hunter characters have had Butchery trigger with non-animal monsters (would you eat meat you got from a mummy? And how do you get meat from an AI at all?!) and with monsters that are still alive.

    Also, I just remembered that the map icon for an opened Uberchest isn't being used. It stays as the unlocked icon. (Why yes I nosed around in the icon folders, why do you ask? :p)
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    This isn't to add a bug, but rather a question.
    This also includes the mana-regeneration spells such as Thaumaturgic Tap and Extra-planar Concentration, yes?
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    Sure does, Davtwan.

    Sensei, the capstone feature of the Big Game Hunter tree lets you preform butchery/taxidermy on anything. That is the point of it. If it bleeds, you can kill it; if it doesn't bleed, you can give it blood. Etc, etc.
  7. Okay me buckoes, explain to me how I can have already butchered a monster that died in a room I hadn't even found yet. This happened.
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    Since the programmers have stated that not all the bugs are fixed in patch 1.0.9, should we start finding which ones were fixed and which ones are still being repaired? It's all for the sake of reference, of course.
  9. Three more:

    Playing for Both Teams isn't triggering.

    Sometimes (if not always), a quest that starts with killing a group of monsters will fail to spawn the group anywhere, making the quest uncompletable.

    The three-runes-and-a-lever room only seems to give results of a Crafting vending machine or nothing. (EDIT: Or a bolt machine.)
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    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but.

    It appears that Crafting buffs are not working on items. I have several items with smithing +'s on them, but when equipped my smithing skill does not go up.

    I have realm of the diggle god, and am running it, not sure if this happens in the base game as well.
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    Do you have a screenshot? I don't think I've ever found anything where one of the random bonus stats is a crafting skill.
  12. Are you sure it's smithing and not counter chance?
  13. Essence

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    Similarly, the now-depreciated Wand Lore skill (id 15) can still appear on items and does nothing whatsoever.
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    I'll try to take one tonight and post it here. I was pretty sure it matched the symbol for smithing in my character screen.
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    Could it be melee power [​IMG], because that is not smithing but the other stat bonus that smithing gives.

    Otherwise it could be counter chance [​IMG] which looks like the smithing skill
  16. While in the shop today, I saw an Acid bolt gargoyle trap on the pedistal, i bought it but once i did it became an Unidentified Bug and has no tooltip in my bag. I have not touched it since and i am not sure if this is a known bug, but have not found it reported anywhere.

    Also my game was not modded when this happened.
  17. I haven't read through all these, so forgive me if this has already been posted.

    When the music changes, there is a 1 turn pause.
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    I just took a quick look at the list and it's extremely old at this point. I don't think it should be a sticky anymore since a lot of the info is erroneous, but on the other hand there's some good info in it. What do you guys think?
  19. My view on issues like this is to think in terms of a new player looking for info.

    The fresher the sticky, the better... Oh my.. that just reads wrong. hehe
  20. Is it editable? Maybe keep an up-to-date list of the known bugs in the first post?