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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Godwin

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    *Mummy uses the diggle die-soundeffects
    ... and the cloud attack does no damage (unless it does righteous but that'd be weird :))

    *Undead Aethernaut seems not to be doing damage.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    No time to grind mode's setup that shops aren't guaranteed. I think daynab has gone 3-4 floors without seeing one.
  3. Daynab

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    What Moom said, though zoos are still guaranteed after floor 1.
  4. Copycat Zero

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    Variations on that bug have been floating around for a while, unfortunately.
  5. Godwin

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    * Autoloot doesn't work. What's more, after I turned it on, and configured it, I couldn't turn it off again (the 'X' didn't disappear).
  6. Copycat Zero

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    An annoying side effect to the "you don't get the passive stat bonuses from your other skills in werediggle form" bug/design decision: You lose all the Trap Sight/Affinity from Rogue Archeologist/Burglary/etc., making you rather vulnerable to traps unless you have it on your gear, too.

    Not sure how I feel about spell mines double-dipping now. Because you get hurt from standing in them in addition to getting hurt from moving into them, for a 3x3 effect you're getting hit three times (start of round, move, start of round), five times for a 5v5 effect (start of round, move, start of round, move, start of round), etc. That means, depending on the duration and size of the spell mine, you STILL take less damage from standing in them, because then you're only taking the damage once each turn instead of twice.

    Did Acid Burn from fountains/etc. get nerfed, or is DoT damage still broken?

    Long-standing issue, like the projectile blocking one, but is there anything that can be done about doors and visability? Objects, traps, and enemies on the northward side of open doors are still difficult/impossible to see unless they're large, and they don't have the usual outline/arrow/etc. that things obscured by the bottom wall do.

    Another long-standing issue, but something that's always bothered me is the fact that monsters are immune to traps behind the black. For example, that room layout on Floor 1 with the Gargoyle Acid Bolt Trap in the short corridor leading to the other side of the moat. If there are monsters on the far side, and you haven't see the trap/gargoyle yet, they can just walk through the corridor without triggering the trap. Once you've seen it, they can't. Same with projectile traps shooting behind closed doors you haven't seen into yet. No matter how many enemies are piled on the other side of the door, you can trigger the trap all you want and it won't hurt them if you haven't seen them yet.

    Probably been around for a while, but just now noticed: In the quest description that reads "Defeat Lord Dredmor's #th brigade, the [title], claim [artifact], the [title] and destroy it at the [shrine/obelisk]!", there should be a comma before the "and". Similarly, in the quest description that reads "Summon [monster] the [title] by using [artifact], the [title] on the [shrine/obelisk], and defeat it!", shouldn't there be a comma after the monster's name? There's one between the artifact's name and its title, as well as between the brigade number and its title? (It's like that outside of quest descriptions, too.)

    They also appear to not have a sound effect for their attacks.
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    Hmm, don't know what's happening there then, but I have had quite a lot that I hear monster kill themselves on the other side of a door, that I have not opened yet.
    On the other hand, it's not going to be good for the game experience if every trap triggers... pretty sure rooms will be a lot emptier in general then. So I don't mind that in a lot of situations the traps don't trigger.
    The question is: is this one situation a good one or not?
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  9. Godwin

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    * No skills bug:
    Upon loading my latest save (1.0.8 ofcourse) I noticed (after a little while) that I didn't have ANY usable skills.
    It wasn't that I was in Diggle form, since even then I would have had skills, and there was no countdown.
    The only thing that I had differently from earlier saves was that I had set the UI to large before quitting.

    I alt-tabbed, checked that I had used the correct Dredmor (the beta one) since saves from the normal one show up there for me, but it was the correct one.
    Then I returned ingame and after a short while the game crashed.

    I'll try to reproduce.

    EDIT: Well, the savegame seems corrupted now, game crashed when I tried to load it again. If you guys want it, it's on this post.
    * Additionally, I can't upload .sav files via the forum, nor .rar's. So if you want it, tell me how you want :)

    EDIT2: unrelated to above: Agree the bones should be walkable again. They're just too small to convey the sense/logic that you have to go around.

    * Skills gained while in werediggle form do not go automatically in your skillbar like when you aren't in werediggle form.

    * Wights also use diggle die-sounds
  10. Saves get corrupt 90% of the time when you load them. You have no skills, can't set them up, and usually appear with a random monster sprite. Saving and reloading 2-5 times usually fixes it. And yeah, diggle form some times forgets to rebind your human skills when you transform back
  11. marsgreekgod

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    if you get the monster skill thing, you can fix it by changing gear, if you sprite goes back to human you can reset your skills
  12. Nicholas

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    Save file corruption with the monster thing has been fixed; we're about a day behind schedule on the whole beta thing, owing to a combination of moving and a thesis defense.

    I am hoping to have this out the door this evening. Famous last words.
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  13. Daynab

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    Huh. Well, I stand corrected. You have the strangest luck.
  14. Null

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    I always get a zoo as something like the first or maybe if I'm lucky second door I open.
  15. Godwin

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    Well this was save file corruption with the 'no skills in bar' and maybe 'bigger UI' thing.
  16. Null

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    Yes that's what he's talking about. When you have no skills it's because the game thinks you're polymorphed when you aren't.

    Unrelated but I had a bug where every single item and trap showed up pink on the map like a quest item, but only on one floor.
  17. Essence

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    Speaking of which, what's the yellow patch on the minimap supposed to be?
  18. Godwin

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  19. J-Factor

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    Yellow patches on the minimap seem to show quest-related monsters.
  20. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oh, OK. They just remain after those monsters are dead. Is it tied to their corpses?