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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I will try and get a serious build to atleast floor 5. Problem with the beta is I keep trying new and weird stuff at random, and most of the time I don't even make it past the first floor. Mysterious Portals I haven't encountered yet. Muscle Diggles I've seen them in the files but not ingame yet. I think so far it's shaping like a good DLC, I've been browsing the expansion files and the ammount of monsters, items and features is amazing, and especially the skills, they bring so much variety I would pay for those alone.

    Quick edit: I just did one of those "kill a squad then a boss" missions, went to grab the reward, an artifact sword, and game crashed on me.

    More edit: I just got an artifact from a quest that gives me +5 of something, but it has no icon. I don't see any stat increased by 5. It has the same purple colour as wandcrafting, maybe related to the wand lore changes?

    Also, I leveled blood magic to lvl 4, but I got nothing. Error, or it's not in the game yet?

    Yet more edit: I'm on a serious run now, third floor so far, Aethernauts are a bit too high on their tile or is it intended?

    Even more edit: Extra-planar concentration buff tooltip has stats overlaping
  2. Oh, this will be a good expansion.

    Saw a really weird bug just now. Got a artifact crossbow, and when I wear it, it transforms my sprite into a random enemy.

    Save and reload it resets but restarts if you do it again. Was a small crossbow with 1 pt of transmutative resist. Link to the save if you need it.
  3. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    Playing a 'serious' build now as an Emo Viking Blood Mage Pirate Smith who dual wields Maces. Just cleared the Zoo on level 2.

    • Swashbuckling is amazing, finally melee players can tackle named monsters without worrying about the RNG too much. Piracy is worth it for that alone.
    • Love Will Teleport Us Apart is too risky as a desperation spell - the monster can end up teleporting right next to you.
    • The Cure seems to have the same problem as Nightmare Curse. If you're standing on a pile of dead bodies you'll be hit with multiple 'Curse of Emo' at once, decreasing your mana significantly.
    • Craft Vending Machines should have smaller stacks for sale.
    • Need recipes for belts, pants and gloves!
    • Vampirism is a chore at the beginning again. Really needs 2hp/hit healing to be viable.
    • Anti-Magic traps aren't particularly effective as you don't run into traps during combat that much. Does anti-magic just prevent you/monsters from casting? If so, here's another idea (ripped from Exile II) - Anti-Magic Clouds that prevent you from casting magic into or out of the cloud.
    • The clouds of gas that Mummys sometimes release should look different from poison gas cloud released by traps.
  4. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The reason nobody's that far is probably because the speed changing keys don't work any more.

    But I'm working on a pirate, and I'll make a full emo later so I can give more feedback. Maybe a vegan emo for more fun.

    EDIT: My chemical explosion is insanely strong. So strong in fact that I killed yet another attempt at an emomancer.
    EDIT: And again
    EDIT: And yet again, though this was mixed with monster zoo. I did get to test every spell except depressing elemental blast though.
    Personally I don't feel it's actually that useful really. Yes it does do damage but it restricts your movement because it kills a squishy mage instantly, and it isn't strong enough to kill monsters without proper control of them. It's just too slow. It doesn't help in dealing with masses and only does anything with something like 1-3 monsters.

    Well I am trying out the vampirism skills on wervampirdiggl right now. The sparkles are a really nice spell for dealing with zoos and such because the nice healing and aoe paralyze.
    Psychic Vampire seems broken because it's not actually making monsters confused. And confusion probably isn't useful in melee anyway though as it would keep enemies away from you. But mana, free free mana which I have too little uses considering emomancy is my only spell tree.
    And reaching level five, the first thing I did was drown myself. That goes so nicely in my high scores, my first unusual death that has enough points to be in there.

    Nothing to do with these at all:
    50% chance to return thrown to self (eg. don't consume ammo)
    How could you put such a horrible thing, this should be ie., eg is only for a number of examples rather than clarification.
  5. Daynab

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    Re: Nicholas' last points.

    Anti-magic I didn't get a chance to use though when I casted the emomancy one it was like an asphyxiating cloud. I don't know if it works.
    New skills seem cool but like none of them work yet. Dual wield is broken, berz is broken, etc. So it's actually harder to play right now because you have to waste a point. Blood magic is cooler but also broken.

    Jiggy Gnomes - I didn't notice anything about them other than they can drain mana?

    Other Monsters - Pretty great, props to Moom.

    Anything after Level 10 - Didn't get there yet, died on Floor 6 cause the game is harder. I might debug myself down there.

    Mysterious Portals - Yeah something has to be done here. The idea is good but in practice they're fairly impossible. I think the cap should be like Uniques, that is not more than 2 or 3 levels higher. Alternatively, make it so they're the same level as the tileset, but that would be boring. Alternatively alternatively, make a way to get any monsters (and therefore with their abilities), scale towards your character. I suspect that would be hard. Another idea, make all monsters Uniques, scaling like they do normally. It would be challenging but more fair. Also I hope there's some artifacts to make it worthwhile. I didn't last enough to know.

    Haven't seen any muscle diggles yet.

    Value for money - It's still early to say because we don't have access to some of the content etc. But so far I personally feel it's great. The new skill trees are interesting, new monsters look awesome, new scripted rooms add variety, and well I haven't tried the 5 new levels so I can't comment yet.
  6. I'm having weird issues with save files. Being a promethean and saving with your pet around may have something to do. Problems go from long load times, to having no skills upon loading and not even be able to equip them. My last found error lets me turn into a random creature when I press save and continue when the "game loaded as a random creature" bug happens. I got to be a dread collector, and even a muscle diggle :D

    Edit: also rooms with "half walls" glitch when an arrow trap tries to appear there and shows half cut
  7. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    A bug: Love will Teleport us Apart can teleport enemies under the player. Targeting them while they are under the player will cause the player to be displaced as well.
  8. Copycat Zero

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    Just loaded up my save from last night. I can't recall if I was in werediggle form when I actually saved and quit, but now I'm in my human form, have no abilities on my skill bar, and cannot load skills onto it. [EDIT] Quitting and reloading fixed it at first, but later, when I changed my armor (after using one of those teleport levers, if that had anything to do with it), I started spontaneously changing my form. When the werediggle buff wore out, I found myself back in human form with Diggle Plague as my only ability (although I can change my bars still).

    Evil Magic Potatoes, despite the fact they appear to be floating, can trigger traps.

    Transforming forcibly closes any open windows (inventory, character, etc.).

    Chiming in with agreement that Werediggle should have some way of lowering the cooldown on the transform. The difference in power between being transformed and not is rather noticeable, comparable to a spellcaster who has no mana.

    Hm? I'm getting Warrior levels from it...? Or is that part of the same bug that's causing certain skills to not grant levels at all?
  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    I mentioned the Gnomes because I specifically expected them to become the expansion's new Annoying Monster. Clearly, I will have to revisit this.

    Potatoes aren't actually labelled as flying monsters. I should turn that on.
  10. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Oh, you should not be considering I have skilldb open right now and it says rogue.

    Also, second level of blood magic still gives stolen spirit (and I assume third gives soul) rather than third and fifth it should be.

    And yes gnomes probably won't be that annoying. Yes draining mana sucks but there's ways to get it back rather quickly. Right now I'm making a vampire that drains 0-6 mana per attack and gives mana on kills, which is pretty awesome.

    EDIT: Aaand I just died.
  11. Copycat Zero

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    Confirming the thing with the two disappearing levers. It happens in a room with two barred-off subrooms. Pulling one of the levers caused one set of bars to disappear, but both levers disappeared as well, denying the opportunity to open the other subroom. Unless that's intentional?

    It might be neat, although potentially more effort than it's worth, for the Werediggle form to change appearance based on level (Sickly at level 2, Commando at level 4, etc.).

    ...aaaaaand that character is dead. Time to start a new one with a more carefully considered skillset.


    Skills, as mentioned yesterday, were the five new ones plus Crossbow and Perception (as you can see). I was 1 Warrior/0 Wizard/4 Rogue when I started the character and had only put levels into Werediggle. Considering that Killer Vegan is supposedly a Warrior skill and Emomancy is supposedly a Wizard skill, I suppose we just have to chalk it up to the skill/archetype bug.

    It doesn't, as far as I can tell. One of the lag spikes I got was opening into the old first-floor room layout of the water in the middle-left, the small passage between the upper-left and the rest of the room, and the two small passages between the top half of the room and the bottom half (the room having up to eight doors in it, depending on floor layout). You can just barely see it on the minimap in that screenshot (the room with the Mellow Shrine in it).
  12. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    The two dissapearing levers is intentional. One opens the left room and one opens the right (it's random). The room on the left has an artifact and the room on the right has enraged diggles. Only one is possible to be opened.
  13. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    Well I'm stuck in a permanently polymorped state and can't use any skills. Every time I go up and down stairs my sprite changes to a different random monster:


    Didn't even have Werediggle on this character. It seems like the 'polymorphed' state isn't being saved correctly. It's a shame as I had high hopes for this character.

    EDIT: Tried saving and reloading many times and eventually got my skills back! If anyone else is experiencing this problem - the first save/reload may not be enough.
  14. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Displace besides moving things under the caster can also teleport water monsters onto land (and potentially only onto land).

    I see you were testing triggerondodge (Fidgety Fellow in dodging).
  15. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    Undead Aethernauts are too high up on the tile. It's hard to tell which square to click in order to hit them.
  16. 123stw

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    I notice the speed up (+) no longer works. Any chance we can get that working again?

    I am kinna used to play this game on ++ speed.... I can't test effectively if I can't adjust the game speed.
  17. Daynab

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    Run the game with -debug-flag to unlock them again. I think it was a mistake that they made it debug only.
  18. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Just for the fun of this picture KillingMachineDiggle.png
    Being a diggle is awesome because it makes you a killing machine and allows you to eat your own young (which I did, quite a lot, in moderation to estimate the potential frequency). Also there are two zoos which is a bug.

    Also I just saved and reloaded and now I am a potato. Now a gnome. Now a summoned wyvern. Now a lucky. At this point I preceded to let werediggle run out but you get the point.

    Later the game crashed when I tried to pick up my artifact bullet belt with 1 crushing resistance and now I'm a muscle diggle.

    Then it was fine but while a diggle I picked up a ring and turned into a steam golem. Then it ended and I was normal but had my diggle skills (which I did not while I was a golem). Then I tried to save and game crashed. So now my save game seems to be corrupted. Do you want a copy or no?
  19. J-Factor

    J-Factor Member

    Was the spellcaster AI changed somehow? Fighting a Zoo on level 3 and I'm left with 9 Octos that refuse to come out.


    Every time I try to venture in I get hit with 2-3 spells that almost kill me. Seems a bit harsh on melee players.
  20. I think enemies casting was emphasized due to the addition of several anti magic measures.

    Aaand my game just froze in a weird way, I was walking away from some enemies while my wyvern distracts them, then my character got stuck in the walking animation, combat log showed about 20 "Your spell does no damage" messages, wich occur a lot now, and now my entire game is "frozen" like that, still moving, buttons and items can be pressed, but nothing works.