Official Expansion Pack Beta Thread/1.0.8 Beta Thread

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Nicholas, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. aggelon

    aggelon Member

    Thank you for the answers and the job for saves working !

    It is 8PM here in France, the job is finish today... having a thought for you, and yours coffees, while you're packaging after 5 hours of sleeping ^^
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  2. Copycat Zero

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    The new crafting interface looks promising, but will there be an option to only show the recipes that you have all the materials for? And I notice that it still has the problem of saying that you have all the ingredients for a recipe that requires multiples of an item when you only have one of that item (in terms of showing the green checkmarks over the items -- clicking "craft" will still tell you that you don't have everything).

    Yeah... stepping into a Mysterious Portal on Floor 1 and immediately getting 1-shot by an Archdiggle is...

    Also, having Werediggle form run out during a Monster Zoo and not having any other efficient way of killing the monsters for about 20 turns is...
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  3. aggelon

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    It doesn't bother me, because I let most of ingredients on the floor, in my 'warehouse'... so the game doesn't know which I have or not ;)
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  4. aggelon

    aggelon Member

    I didn't find the answer, so... sorry if...

    Since 1.0.8, how to craft an object if I wrote the recipe from a previous game but, now, after dead, the recipe is not in the book of my new game ?

    Thank you very much for the game and the patch, I love it !!!
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  5. Notter

    Notter Member

    Hey, just started playing the new patch, and got a crash when i tried to enter the port-a-still crafting.
    it was empty and then i got a crash.

    but that's not what i wanted to talk about.
    i wanted to ask for the possibility of filtering the craftable items by craft-level/
    right now (especially with the new interface) it seems very random.
    i guess the default recipes are divided by some categories, and then every new one is add to the bottom.

    even better though: being able to filter by categories (traps/bombs/swords/etc.)

    and also, when you put the mouse over the craft result, there is no tooltip, so you don't know what the item is supposed to be.
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  6. quinnr

    quinnr Member

    So...are the Desura users going to get this update any time soon? I bought the game and Desura and there is no update at all, even when checking changelog and uninstalling!

    I feel forgotten and lonely :(
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  7. aggelon

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  8. Doomicide

    Doomicide Member

    You're not alone, I'm waiting, too ;) They said they'd push the patch to desura & Humble Bundle really soon (read: today) , but maybe thye're busy fixing the steam issues.
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  9. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Disclaimer: I'm only speculating and know nothing of what's going on

    I would guess that they don't want to ship it to Desura and the HIB in it's current, explody state.
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  10. Shani

    Shani Member

    So the patch and DLC is out on Steam and patch for Desura... has release for the HIB version not come out yet, or is it buried somewhere slightly more obscure?
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  11. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Nick's blog post says the patch is out to HIB, it should be on your download page.
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  12. GrossorMD

    GrossorMD Member

    It isn't. Either someone has forgotten to upload it, or it hasn't arrived, or something bad has gone on at some point. I've insisting on this bit for two days: HiB is still stuck into 1.07.1.
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  13. Shani

    Shani Member

    I took a closer look at the blog posts and found this in the comments section:
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  14. GrossorMD

    GrossorMD Member

    thanks :)
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