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    Over at the Cross-type weapons thread you can see I finished those weapons (finally). Now I need YOU to come up with flavour text for Claw-type weapons!


    Crude Iron Claw - This crude iron claw was clumsily constructed from up to five different kitchen knife sets.
    Rough Iron Claw - Today we prove that a compilation of sub-par knives doesn't make a middling melee weapon.
    Iron Claw - A neat amassment of blades attached to an iron vambrace in orderly fashion.
    Fine Iron Claw - A fine example of industrial-grade prime kitchen equipment.

    Crude Steel Claw - You didn't know stainless steel could rust this badly.
    Rough Steel Claw - On the plus side, you won't have to keep a Lego Seperator around everywhere you go.
    Steel Claw - Stainless steel. There to deliver, and cut three onions at once.
    Fine Steel Claw - The most beautiful claw weapon you've seen so far, comes with a chromium finish and lubricating strip.

    Katar - (You won't get this through airport security.)
    Kitten Paws - (Remember the pain when that cat scratched your entire face?)

    Retractable Claw - Embeds itself in your hand, and comes out when you want it to! Kind of hurts. You'll really need out of this world regeneration to sustain your health with such a weapon.
    Dragon Claw - Download the Evolution of Combat DLC and effectively lower this weapons' stats by 400%! Has a chance to hit four times.
    Adamantium Claw - ? (Wolverine)
    Santa Claw - Had a claw in his hands and cheap lutefisk on his breath. From his eyebrows to his boots he was covered with puffballs. Like a big fat drunk disgruntled Yuletide Dredmor. And he smiled as he said with a twinkle in his eye,
"Merry Christmas to all - now you're all gonna die!"

    If you got any amazing ideas for additional claws, feel free to comment them.
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    Retractable Claw: Someone heard of wolverine and tried to make a copy of his claws. Unfortunately, it's missing the adamantium part, but it works well enough.

    Here's a random thought for that claw. probably not a good idea, but eh, whatever.
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    Retractable Claw: Embeds itself in your hand, and comes out when you want it to! Kind of hurts. Hope you've got some decent health regeneration.

    Santa Claw: If you had more than one of these claws, you might be a jolly fat guy giving kids presents. The reality however is that you're a lunatic in a dungeon killing demon vegetables.
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    Thanks Andras! I've slightly modified the Retractable Claw one and added it in the mod. The Santa Claw is currently part of the lyrics to "The night Santa went crazy".

    I've also added a desc to Fine Steel Claws, and I've got some -temporary- flavor text for the Katar and Kitten Paws.
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    I'm curious, are you going to be adding a claw weapons skill? Or will they be affected by an existing skill such as daggers or unarmed?
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    They're gonna be shields with a name overwrite to Offhand (Claw). Every offhand category will have its own gimmicks (vanilla books add elemental damage, claws have high EDR and chance to do combo hits, cross weapons have AOE effects..), to make them better for a certain playstyle.
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    9/10 would use. Sounds like a novel idea, looking forward to it.
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    What about more of Sandy Claws, instead of Santa Claw?

    I love this. Use them as shields to use shield skills, but for a more aggressive oriented melee!
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    Oh and some more graphics.


    I should really finish this mod some time, I've spent quite a lot of time on these icons!
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    I've uploaded a beta thread, because you're worth it!
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