Now all we have to wait for is steam.

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    On a more interesting note a 'Valve Test App' allocated to Gaslamp was recently updated. Perhaps indicating the DLC is hopefully immenent

    Click on the 'subs' tab and you'll see the parent sub is "Gaslamp Corp" the sub itself is dependent on the DoD subscription. In any case I continue to both grind through the dungeons as well as the inner depths of Steam's arcane tablets to scry any tidbit of information.
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    Hm, guessing [REDACTED] is whatever thing they'd doing with holiday achievements I alluded to earlier. Either way, I'll probably wait to get the DLC until I feel like I've played out the core game... or at least defeated Dredmor for once!
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    Hmm I wonder when it'll appear on steam for buying.
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    satoru, since you seem to know what you're doing, checking this database thingamajig, do you have any idea on a timeframe once it hits this stage?
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    I'm guessing an extra nine got tossed in there by mistake... I hope...
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    Do you have any idea which 9?

    Seriously though, that's probably what happened.
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    When it does show up, will it appear in the Library, under Recent News?
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    Unfortuantely it's hard to correlate its appearance in the database, vs its actual release. The Humble Bundle 4 appeared on the list a day before it's release. But there are a few Shogun2 DLC that popped up recently for the new expansion that probably won't be released for a month or so.

    But given the fact that we know the game is gold and submitted to Steam, we can hope it's soon.
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    It's just out on steam, though it's not working for me, gonna wait a bit in case posting again.My problem is that I bought it but nothing changed for my game actually... not sure what's happening <.<
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    wtf 3 dollars? it costs 3 euroes here :<
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    yeah the good old $>>>€ conversion.Btw right now it's on "stand by" order on twitter, something bad have happened, for me it doesn't work though I bought it...might want to wait a bit to let them fix whatever happened =P check twitter for infos too °_°
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    Anyone in Europe who wants to save a little can drop two and a half euros into my PayPal account and I'll buy it in dollars and forward you the copy. :)
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    Uhhh yeah don't buy this yet the DLC is in some weird limbo state


    There are weird issues with it.
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    Too late. I bought it and it won't install. Its listed as ValveTestApp98820 in my DLC.

    SIGH. I hope it's not going to be a big issue with Steam.
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    I genuinely doubt very much it's unsafe to buy, it's probably due to the big [REDACTED] going on at Steam that things get a little out of sync. But it all should automatically correct itself soonish. Steam has been weird for me all day anyway.