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    I was busy this weekend, icons are also broken in this one....

    You love harbor freight, you think your great at all forms of building. Things only occasionally blow up in your face

    You get one level in every crafting skill with each of the 6 levels. You get no other level bonuses.

    You also get the ability to mail order crafting supplies:
    1. Amature geologist kit (assorted rocks)
    2. Assorted gems
    3. Assorted difficult to access tinkery stuff
    4. Misc other things (salt, saltpeter, bituminous coal, alchemical ooze)

    Mail order takes some time, and while your waiting the anticipation will be just eating your insides out.

    To have developed such crafting wizardly in such a short time you discarded things like 'reasonable precautions' or 'safety'. Further compounding this is your use of cheap mail order crafting parts...

    Every time you hit an enemy you have a chance of triggering some extremely hostile long lasting debuffs. You can;
    1. Loose an eye
    2. Loose some fingers
    3. Loose a leg
    4. Concuss yourself
    5. Break something expensive that needs immediate repairs.

    This can make planning and combat difficult far into the game, and absolutely destroy an unlucky start. It does stack well with being a mage since mages try to avoid direct combat, but they also get the least benefit from crafting.

    Has shockingly good synergy with my other mod embreakening; but I don't think any worse then golemancy+fleshsmithing+ley lining

    I'd like to think that the disadvantages of this skill make it viable as a non-cheat 'get every craft ability in one skill'.

    Side note: I suck at icons. Core skill icons are still using 'paranormal investigator', and some other icons may be broken... As per my other thread, any help is appreciated.

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