New Class: The Mentat

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Bohandas, Mar 28, 2020.

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    I've created a class inspired by the mentats from the David lynch version of Dune (the version where the mentats had the crazy eyebrows and recited that weird mantra). In my version the Sapho juice is replaced by booze in true Dungeons of Dredmor style. The class' main ability is that drinking restores additional mana, especially if you're already very drunk (the threshold for what constitutes very drunk decreases as you increase in level). It also adds sagacity and sometimes savvy with each level

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    Thank you.
    I'm going to download this and try it today.

    Let's resist.
    I still love this game and this place.
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    Ok, I have to say the wait ended just some days ago.

    I tried your class, it seems very balanced stat-wise and skill-wise. It doesn't add anything strange nor fancy to the game, but I feel it's a pretty solid alternative to core magic skills which also boost mana regen. Plus, it's a Dune reference, which is always welcome, and we lacked one.

    Right now I'm trying it with my classic mod games, with Essence reworked core and many old but gold mods around here.
    I'm using it with a drunken monk warmage, and it's hella of fun.

    All around, nice work.
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    Thank you
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    Ok, I had another run with your mod, and I totally forgot what it gave to the player.
    When I returned here to read about documentation, I got it back: really I did not have much mana problem at all.

    But, and there is a but, the player has no meaning of understanding what this "juice" the mod tells him is, really. Maybe
    description="A large eyebrowed human supercomputer who enhances their mind with juice based potions."
    could mention it, like "who enhances their mind with juice based potions. Which is how they call booze."
    or something like that could keep up the comedy of the game, while giving the player a clue (as it's wrote, it's pretty obvious, so it's up to you to give more or less hints for the player).

    And yes, I know we are dancing in the belly of a dead whale, but I thought your work deserved some more feedback, at least for your effort into it and for our shared love of Dredmor.