Need some help with a mod. New to modding

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  1. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    1) How to you manage to grant a one-time bonus of 125 XP?
    2) +1 to all primary skills is a little weak. I'd double that.
    3) On the other hand, maybe you should leave it a little weak, because +1 to all crafting skills with no drawbacks is kind of nuts.
    4) Is that supposed to represent a bonus feat? I like it. :)

    3) Gnomes get a Perception bonus? Guess I'm out of date. When I was playing, they had Alchemy and Tinkering bonuses.
    4) WOW that's OP. I'd half all of those, rounding down.



    Obviously ideally these would all have 5 levels, but I think you're doing quite well with these.
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  2. Kazeto

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    Make it require lack of a dummy buff, put the non-removable dummy buff on the player when it works, and make it trigger on attack. That means it will trigger as soon as experience starts mattering any, and only once.
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    As far as how does human get 125xp their loadout just contains a potion that gives the xp, and yea it is supposed to represent a bonus feat. It's supposed to get you to lv2 but it doesn't actually until you do something else that grants 1xp. Thanks for the input it helps a lot. As far as them being super interesting there not really supposed to be the awesome thing that defines a build. There's tons of great mods out there with skills for that. This is ment mainly to be a supporting skill trees that complement various playstyles. I would like to add a tier or 2 more to them though. I will say my plans for dwarf, elf, and half orc should be more on the interesting side with more playstyle defining skills because those races are generally more interesting in DnD anyway.
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