My thoughts on Tourist - Promotes Slow/Protracted Gameplay

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The Tourist Skill tree ____________ . (Check any/all that Apply)

  1. is Fun

  2. is Unique

  3. is Powerful

  4. is Flavorful

  5. Compliments Other Skills Well

  6. is something other than listed above. (I will tell you about it in a post below)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Mr_Strange

    Mr_Strange Member

    If the money skill worked better, I would still want a buff to the final skill.

    Here's the thing - the nearly perfect (better than any teleport, better than invis) escape button is awesome. The game is better for it. But it's really hard to spend a precious skill point on something you hope you'll never use!

    I think the Tourist Capstone needs some decent passive buffs to encourage selection. They don't have to be crazy - maybe:

    :life_regen: , :mana_regen:, :resist_toxic:, :resist_transmutative:, 2:resist_putrefying:. "You're a seasoned tourist! You're ready for anything this crazy world has to throw at you!"
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  2. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Member

    It would also be cute for Tourists get sunglasses and/or sunscreen for :resist_righteous:

    "Why did you pack these? You're underground!"

    (maybe some :resist_transmutative: for extra UV protection :p )
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  3. Robsbot

    Robsbot Member

    I'm a bit curious about when you leveled the tree in respect to dungeon / character levels as I didn't catch your post mentioning that at all. It sounds a bit like you focused on leveling it first which is an interesting idea. I usually level it after I've leveled up my Primary caster tree, some support skills, and I've stabilized a bit in both mana flow and damage output. I take the levels when I feel the need for the added survivability (Like CL 3-4 for the sight buff, and DL 5+ for the teleport).

    EDIT: Also, I do agree that the tree could use either a block capstone passive or some passives strewn about the tree. Either way I'd be happy. It only needs a nudge to be a solid skill tree in my opinion.
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  4. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    I'd actually like to see the Health/Mana regen passive from tier 1 proliferated throughout the rest of the tree, along with tweaking the capstone.
  5. Robsbot

    Robsbot Member

    The problem I have with this is that it would make it better than Ley Walker in pretty much every way.
  6. Midnight Tea

    Midnight Tea Member

    I'm not really convinced the Tourist skill tree is supposed to be "good" to begin with. You played one in Nethack, generally, if you were doing a challenge run. (though their class quest rewards a very awesome item)
  7. zellking

    zellking Member

    (for the first skill) they could always change the regen so that when a turn is skipped (using space bar), there is a chance you'l regenerate 1 health and 1 mana (could be more, or increase as you go down the tree), since its apparently related to knowing how to relax.
    then move the regen up around the tree, but keep it at about the same quality
    but then that would push tourism towards what was being complained about here originally, making players more likely to just stand around waiting for health
  8. jadkni

    jadkni Member

    I use Ley Walker for Thaumaturgic Tap and not for the passive replenishment, but fair point.
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  9. GreyICE

    GreyICE Member

    The first two are fine. The first skill is the inverse of most wizard skills (Not great at first level, where 8 becomes 7, much more amazing at later levels where it's turning 3 into 2 or 2 into 1).

    For the third skill, it needs either passive buffs at that level, or just to be removed and reworked. It's terrible.

    The fourth skill would be amazing... IF it gave you item-flavored buffs and debuffs. Not necessarily by item, but maybe by type of item (Eating a trap has a buff/debuff it could give you, eating an axe, eating a shield, etc.). Maybe 67/33 on the percents to get buff/debuff, and the skill is now so so much better. Also has anyone seriously run out of food in this game past maybe floor 3-4?

    The fifth skill is fine.
  10. Robsbot

    Robsbot Member

    Don't forget invisible Geometries.