ALPHA 47D My Poor Troops

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    So I make a barracks, fill it with doughty colonists, under the steely gaze of my hardened NCO.

    They win a battle. And another one. And another one.

    Wounds begin to mount. I build a barber shop. My barber cheerily cleans up the floors with a broom while my brave redcoats march into battle, their wounds hidden by the crimson hue of their proud uniforms.

    Injuries mount, bandits plague us. A fishperson is killed in the midst of a battle, suddenly they are hostile.

    A fishperson with those &*%^$^%$&^% grenades appears.

    Dead NCO. A New NCO is Unceremoniously Shoved Into Place.

    Dead NCO.

    At this point the game crashed, so I'm left with some questions.

    Why did my troops attack the fishperson, when my policy was for them to only harass fish people who were causing trouble?

    Why doesn't the barber heal my troops? I thought that was his job? Do I need laudanum? If so then I need more overseers, managing another entire farm plot would have left me with only 1 available overseer for such minor tasks as hauling, forestry, mining, and construction.

    Can we get it set so that workshop jobs are prioritized over other task types because my industry overseers would gleefully ignore their work back in their shops to go pick up some sweet forest meat that an overzealous soldier of mine had butchered across the map. I don't mind running on the ragged edge of my available man power, but I just don't see how it is possible to maintain production, food, construction and repair, defense, etc with the rate of overseer recruitment.
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    Randomly occurs. Sometimes colonists will hassle them for various reasons, and the fishperson will aggro. See: Stochasic Goblins

    It didn't make all fishpeople hostile in the past though, usually only ones in the particular group (however 47D changed the diplomacy with fishpeople**) so sigh, I guess a side effect is that it just makes the fishpeople stance hostile.

    **You can no longer select Friendship. In previous versions you could and, if you did, then only actually placing an attack order broke it. Even if fighting occurred, it was only that group. And I had my colonists ignore being exploded by a grenade aimed at a trader.

    Office jobs are buggy, usually if you leave them long enough they will but... buggy. See also: Chapel, Pub, Mine

    Depends what jobs, if you set jobs they can't fill, then they will do things like haul.

    If there are lower-class in the workgroup, then they might be doing the work, leaving the others (ie: overseer) free to... haul.
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    Those coral grenades are the real deal, I used to think of fishpeople as my friendly cousins who hung out at the edges of the map and occasionally brought me meat cubes and sand in exchange for stomping on some crops, which my soldiers would thank them for (read: yell at them angrily), but didn't seem to be the case this time around.

    My conclusion after that play through was my build order was not optimal enough, or something, try try again.

    Also I have the worst luck with hematite, always seems to be next to hostile bandits or obleskians, so my iron industry never really takes off. I tried being friendly with the bandits at first, but decided that "The Diplomatic Solution" was actually the name of my guns when they showed up to take some of my stuff.

    Do they still loot full stacks like they used to? I wouldn't mind a touch of pilfering but if they take my entire stack of 62 delicious maize chowder once it finally gets sorted into a single pile then the clock may very well be stuck on "Bandit Murder o' Clock"
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    It seems as if everything is automatically hostile to the colony now.
    The bandits are basically like "Give us your stuff peacefully, or we'll take it anyway by force." ..and you're made to feel like the peaceful option is the cowardly, shameful way out of it. Like the game is taunting you about it, so of course i'm going to fight whether I actually can or not. Screw you, game. :mad:

    Then the fishfolk don't even give you a chance to greet them. The past couple releases i've seen nothing but hostile fishfolk who automatically start lobbing grenades and chasing everyone before I even get the notification that they're nearby, so that never turns out well.
    It all feels pretty messy right now.
  5. Alavaria

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    No, that's the "give in to them" option.

    The real peaceful option is to get a foreign office and do missions to increase the bandit faction standing to neutral (takes 2 missions)

    They probably still do, however if you check the 47D changelog, the moment your foreign office changes their standing**, you should be good to go. (Basically they have to declare a proper attack, giving you chance to fight them)

    Keep some guns around because they might still try to extort you (I think getting their standing neutral only makes it less likely)

    **Currently, you might get their standing to neutral even before any bandits show up on the map.