My game crashes when i try to enter a dem pocket.

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Mrbones, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Mrbones

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    i have win 8 and bought this game form steam. i have 2 expacks for this game. now the only issue i'm having is it keeps crashing on me when i try to enter portal to wiz place i think it is. i have verifed file tried reinstalling but still same results it crashes only when i enter that portal pocket thingy.
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  3. Mrbones

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    actually no i have the free and wiz land ex pack
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    Alright. Check your PMs.
  5. UnchiuRiba

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    i kinda have the same problem i have both the free one and the wizardlands also i have alot of mods but with or without mods when i try to enter the pocket dimension it exits the game and im not sure why....
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    Sent you a PM.
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    Guess I'm a bit late to the party :) Same problem for me as well...

    I have the free DLC and Wizardlands and get the crash to desktop when I try to enter the portal.

    Interestingly enough I have had one instance of a portal that worked, however the rest that I've tried crash to desktop. In the game I have found four Wizard graffiti codes so far. Also, I do not have any mods installed. Through steam I have verified game cache, and re-installed the game and also confirmed that the DLCs are installed. Still only get the one portal instance to work.

    Update: Found five codes now, and all gave a star colored portal before trying it, ie not a red portal.
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    Sent you a PM too ;)
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    I'm getting this problem too. Wizardlands + Free DLC, no mods. Tried a new save and the same thing happens.
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    PMed you.
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    Seems like this is the thread to go to for this problem.
    On windows 8, game crashes upon entering a starry portal. Code is then unusable and the auto save is erased.
    I have Wizard and the free DLC, but not realm of the diggle gods.
    Any solution to this? I'm just getting back in the game and feel like I'm missing out.