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    This save is from day 110. There are multiple weird things going on with stockpiles and trading.

    1. Trade office. Items purchased from the trade office warp to a rather far away point on the north of the map. I think at one point I was able to go up there and get the items but now it's just a big pile of all sorts of stuff on one square and it seems locked up. See exhibit A.

    I tore down the trade office, and put a stockpile on the ground in it's place. Workers started bending over and reaching into the new, completely empty stockpile and pulling out bunch of stuff I assume from the locked pile. Mostly clay and raw material stuff, I didn't see any modules or plates come out. Though this might have just been stuff stuck in the ground under the old trade office, the new stockpile seemed to open a portal into infinity so as to retrieve the items.

    Exhibit B shows the new stockpile, occupying the space previously occupied by the trade office. It's the stockpile just above the chapel.



    2. There are some main stockpiles in the center of the town that have been in game for 100 days or so. A lot of time for problems to happen.

    Metalworking Stockpile("MWS"):
    Shown in exhibit B, stockpile directly touching the step into the Metalsmith.
    In this save, there are a lot of items in the metalworking stockpile, in front of the Metalsmith, that aren't actually in the stockpile. I can't see them or access them, they just show up as inventory in the stockpile window.

    I turned off mine materials for the MWS, visible items were moved to a different stockpile. I then deleted the MWS, and laborers walked right up and started picking up items out of the empty ground where the MWS was(Metalworking resources). All of these "under the ground" resources are picked up 1 item at a time. There was 150 or so sulfur in the ground under the stockpile, so there were alot of people walking around with a whole lot of sulfur. I performed this last action after this save, so the MWS is still in this save with the weird under the ground items.

    3. Metalworking stockpile, unusable iron.
    There is a stack of 60 or so iron ore in the MWS stockpile that the metalsmith will not use. I was able to get it picked up and moved to another stockpile but the metalsmith won't touch it. Laborers can even add more ore to this stack, and the metalsmith will pick up all but that 60 of it and go try to find the rest of the iron somewhere else.

    4. Items get stacked in top corner of stockpiles.
    If you look at the MWS you can see multiple types of items in one square in the top corner of the stockpile. This happens to all stockpiles that are getting a lot of items dumped into them quickly.


    Note, the 3 old stockpiles right in the middle all have items listed in the inventory that aren't visible or accessible, just as the MWS.

    The original trade office is not present in this save but the new trade office has the same issue.

    Also, very stable 1.0D release, this save is still very playable, I'm just not trading. Powering through to some Steam Knights!

    Here is a link to the save:
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