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    Hope there's no problem making another post. If there's any, please delete the previous one (not this one). :)
    Not sure why but I always name my dude "Moriarty". hahahaha

    My previous mage build was insanely boring after a while (the guy still alive but brrr...), so I'm going to make a different one. My original idea was something like:

    Going Rogue, Perma-Death.

    Dual Wielding
    Master of Arms
    Battle Geomancy
    Berserker Rage

    But I have a few concerns...

    I - No healing at all. Just tested Communism and it's like people say: sometimes the Health Care don't work (which sux)! As for Fleshsmithing... I really do hate the zombies (though useful)!!! Just realize I can't play with any pets. Not sure if worth getting a Knit Tissue that will heal me most of the time for 6. I could also go more "defensive" with swords (+ counter-attack) which, though not 100%, would spare me some damage, but not sure...

    II - Spells. Maybe grabbing Magical Law instead of... But again I'm not sure if this is really necessary.

    What do you guys think of the build? Any tips and ideas would be very good!


    Edit: Emomancy could solve both of my problems, but do I really need it?
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    Other than, as you said, the lack of healing is the one weakness, it's a pretty solid build. Personally, I really like communism in melee builds. Yes, it's not 100% reliable, but it's close enough, and reliability and all, it's still good for melee builds. But that's my personal preference. It's certainly not a must-have in my book, but you shouldn't dismiss it out of hand.

    Another preference thing... I don't like taking Smithing or Tinkering without perception because of the difficulty of getting steel.

    Magical Law, of course, is always tempting, and I'd never suggest that it isn't a great skill to have. However when I've beaten Dredmor using it, it can feel a bit like cheating (at least it does for me). But again, personal preference...
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    What would you recommend taking out for Communism? Smithing? Getting also Perception would probably destroy the build... hahahaha

    Ohh, I know that feeling! It's not nice!!! Will not get it then...
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    I think I'd drop Smithing, or I'd swap either Battle Geology or Berserker Rage (or even, god forbid, burglary) for Perception. As I said, that's my personal preference. But that really depends on your tolerance for the randomness of finding mats without additional aid. My problem is that I've had too many experiences where I could not find sufficient steel to make decent armor or weapons, and would get totally frustrated by that. Don't get me wrong, I love crafting. But for me, I've had too many problems where due to bad luck, smithing in particular has felt totally underwhelming.

    Communism is not a must-have, as I've said. Healing is certainly a plus, but there's always food and potions. Most healing becomes underwhelming by late game -- it's mostly to ease the mid-game. Burglary at least allows healing from food and other consumables to be more meaningful. If you drop Burglary though, then that exacerbates the weakness (which is why I said 'god forbid burglary' above).
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    Nooo, Burglary never!!! It's one of my favorite skills! *.* hehehehe

    Not having enough materials would be bad, but dropping Smithing also means no decent encrust whatsoever. Hmmmm... Hard decisions.

    I was thinking that I could use that build I just post, or maybe try a this one:

    Dual Wielding
    Berserker Rage

    According to the wiki, the Killing Blow (last skill from the Berserker tree) don't fade out with a counter-attack. Can anyone confirm this? And also, can counter-attacks make critical hits? If so, I could activate Killing Blow and just spam space while I would counter-critical everything. hahahaha

    For the anti-caster, could be Emomancy, Warlockery or... don't know.

    Edit: With 100% counter, am I immune to corruption?

    Edit 2: WOW!!! I've just ran some tests, and counter-attacks CAN critical hit! With so, it's possible to get 100% counter, use Killing Blow, and then just spam space like crazy and see things die. The Killing Blow really don't fade away with counters. xD
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  6. Mabeso

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    Emomancy for mass anti-magic cloud, Magical Law for single-target anti-magic+ gruesome choking death. And don't forget 50% magical resist from Writ of counterspelling.

    You could probably also use Magic Training's Thamethropic missile, althought that's a bit weird on a melee build. And Warlockery is clearly not an anti-caster skill.

    No, you aren't. I'm pretty sure the only thing that helps is either :magic_resist: or :block:. I ran a similar build with :counter: 100 and I clearly remember getting a lot of corruption-related headache.
  7. Arron Syaoran

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    :magic_resist: is the stat used to avoid corruption. It seems to provide no other purpose.
    Here's some example builds I would choose:
    1. Counter Build:
    Dual Wield(Max the skill)
    Swords(Max the skill)
    Daggers(Get Sharp Wall of Blades Stance)
    Either Smithing(for Weapons and Thrown, might not want level 4+ for cause of :dmg_crushing: nerfing :melee_power:'s :dmg_slashing:dmg) or Tinkering(Bolts/Trap Sight)
    Either Thrown(if you dont care about :dmg_crushing: nerf and want hard hitting range) or Archery(Only if you've picked Tinkering)
    Burglary(For Teleport, Invisibility and no need to kick doors)
    Any Skill, preferably: Perception(mats/trap sight), Archeology, Communism(heal), Alchemy(heal) or Master of Arms(invincibility).
    2. The Pounder/Slugger(Possibly the A-Rod Lemke build):
    Dual Wield or Shield Bearer(dual wield tomes if possible)
    Maces(knockback + :dmg_crushing:, if you picked DW) or Unarmed:)dmg_crushing:, If you picked Shields)
    Thrown(lots of :melee_power: makes tonnes of range damage for Lord Dredmor and Minibosses)
    Smithing(Max this ASAP if you have the mats to make the upgrades)
    Burglary(Max this ASAP when you dont have enough mats for smith, Five Finger Discount is excellent)
    Perception(More throwing weapons)
    Master of Arms(heal over time and armour)

    Edit: This is the A-Rod Lemke Build from my Fanfic: Unarmed Combat, Shield Bearer, Assassination,
    Thrown, Master of Arms, Perception, Smithing. Feel Free to Try it out.
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