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Discussion in 'Modding' started by identity, Jul 15, 2011.

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    I think that the "F" type values determine how the damage scales with Magic Power, though I never tested it to be sure.
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    @Snicker You're a sick... sick puppy. IE is horrible.
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    Notepad++ Seems to be the way to go for these... Definitely a cheat sheet.

    Well, Just finished the bits to uncraft most metal items, like swords, maces, axes, helmets, shoes, and armour... Don't know how I feel about releasing it, though... Breaks the Zorkmids game. Maybe reverting the items to an ingot form instead of raw materials?
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    That would be better, yeah. Also, have the amount you get back smaller than what was used to make it.
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    password is : ingotizemecaptain
    to install, copy&&paste at the end of craftDB.xml , but before the </craftdb> line.
    Most metal items should be able to be ingotized by the player. I pictured the press as a kind of metal recycling device that uses pressure to bring out a new ingot. Or a Wood chipper, where anyone can operate it.

    When making this I followed a basic lutefisk cube design, if anyone picks up an item and an ingot press, it will spit out an ingot of a similar metal.. however, if userSkill>=skill+2, or if userSkill==5, then a full refund will be issued for the item inside, where the materials to create the item are known.