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    I felt the crafting in the game was a bit minimal, so I overhauled the system a bit.
    You can get the file here:

    Put it in Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game.

    Changes are:
    - All rusty items can be ground to dust
    - Non-smithers can craft the crude versions of weapons
    - Crude weapons can be built up to rough weapons
    - Bronze weapons available
    - Crafting recipes added for several swords, axes, maces and staffs, some up to level 5
    - Amulets and necklaces can be crafted
    - Empty flasks have uses now
    - Alchemy is now wizard's best friend: Alchemists can build wands, wizard shields and wizard staffs
    - New recipes for lv3 and 4 alchemists on still

    Every level 5 recipe and a lot of the more obscure or funny recipes are hidden, so get looking for those bookshelves!
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    Great work!
  3. zaratustra

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    Most of these crafts were made canon on 1.03, so don't ever say Gaslamp doesn't listen to fans. Skol!
  4. zaratustra

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    By popular demand (ok like ONE person asked for it) I added a few crafts that got lost in the gears and a few new ones.

    - crossbows and bolts
    - a few artifacts
    - throwing items
    - now you can properly grind aluminum equipment I don't know how they let this one slip
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    I would kill for a way to make chalk.