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    All updates are now found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1318715521

    I've jumped back into this game and I've decided to take up modding it. I've been working on a few things but right now I'm releasing everything that is without a doubt working which isn't alot, however I feel like what I have put into this is fairly polished. This mod requires all Expansions.

    Currently "Zandromic Additions" adds the following:
    • Ring Sword - This weapon is a rarity 13 sword with 10 Slashing and 1 Piercing, What's special about it is that you can craft rings with it to affix them to its handle (Max 1 on a Ring Sword at a time). The sword will then gain that rings abilities. Adding rings to the sword requires Smithing ranging from 2 to 7. All 34 rings are supported. Do note if you want to remove a ring from the sword the ring is destroyed and you get the sword back and not the ring. Ring Swords with rings on them cannot be found randomly, only the Ring Sword without rings can (As of v0.3hotfix This includes in shops).

    I've done the sprites for this, If anyone thinks their not up to par please tell me and I will try to make them better; or better yet tell me of someone who can! I'd like this to be as balanced as possible so if anyone finds something unbalanced, please tell me if rarity should be bumped up or how something should be nerfed if I have missed something that is potentially unbalanced (I'm unsure with the Ring Sword but with most things I've already figured out a good balance but the Ring Sword is something that is difficult to figure out, please tell me if it makes your characters too strong and/or too easy and I'll try to figure something out; please do suggest nerfs if need be).

    v0.3hotfix (8/27/2016 5:39pm):
    [CHANGED] Ring Swords w/ rings on them can no longer spawn in shops (I felt like this was too useful, either way I didn't intend for this to happen so its fixed).
    v0.3 (8/27/2016 10:54am):
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Pumice Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Square Iron Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Coppery Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Square Silver Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Segmented Steel Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Spiralled Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Thick Copper Ring.
    [ADDED] Ring Sword w/ Hexagonal Silver Ring.
    [CHANGED] Ring Sword w/ Tin Ring now requires 6 Smithing.

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