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  1. starslayer

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    Alright finished the first draft of my mod Geoengineering. It is a set of wizard spells focused on non-projectile high damage attacks. It only uses the crushing and asphyxiate damage type, so very tough monsters will take a LOT of hits to bring down. It is also VERY manna hungry; but having a high spell power will bring the costs down radically.

    Currently it only provides spells and does not give any special bonuses.

    Level1- Stone Drop; single target high damage crushing attack; if your spellpower gets high enough this spell will have a 0 cost

    Level 2 - Rain of boulders; same damage as stone drop, but a cross pattern effect, also leaves obstructions on the ground for 11 turns; very high manna cost.

    Level 3 - Swallow large area lockdown, low damage asphyxiate DoT (so it will not harm constructs or anything with more then mild asphyxiate resist) and consumes walls - the high manna cost and the consume wall effect tends to make this a dangerous ability (Note can't be cast blind, so while you could use this ability to tunnel you could only do 2 tiles at a time, what seems to happen to me more often is that I destroy walls that I was using to stop the enemies from overrunning me/blocking line of sight on casters)

    Level 4- Earthmeld: Get 10 DR, 4 HP regen, 4MP regen; for 15 turns, also get locked down for 15 turns. This spell restores much more manna then it takes up- and can be a great life saver in a fight; but being stuck in place for 15 turns makes it dangerous to use is surrounded.

    Level 5 - Hydralic Tunnel: Targeted teleport self, 15 crushing damage self.

    Level 6 - Collapse: Huge AoE crushing damage (More damage then stone drop); absolutely insane manna cost.

    Potential changes:
    1- Swalow may come too early, even if it's not effective at digging walls, dig at level 3 may be a bit much

    2-I may want to add a 7'th level, or replace one of these abilites with 'dust to dust' Which turns a weapon/armor into a random powder, and 'Terraform' which turns any food into a fruit.

    3-Provide some sort of passive bonus for being a geoengineer

    4-Potentiall make earning levels in the skill do something.

    Please give me your opinions and playtest results.

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  2. Sir Sneaky

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    If i'm not mistaken, isn't it Savvy that reduces mana costs now? Or can Magic Power still be used?

    Anyway, sounds interesting. I'll give it a try in a little while.
  3. starslayer

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    Magic power can still be used, and I made extensive use of it.

    Technically you could have ANY stat reduce mana costs/increase damages as far as my reading- even potentially hilarious ones like trap detection range or armor absorption.

    Glad it at least sounds interesting, look forward to people reporting on it.
  4. Werediggler

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    Actually I think scaling off anything you want is coming in 1.0.10, but I could be wrong.
  5. Loren

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    It will be a 1.0.10 thing. Some people have changed their mods (but not posted them yet) in anticipation of the beta.
  6. starslayer

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    I will keep that in mind thanks- now I have an idea for a mod that won't work until 1.0.10 (A mod that grants a skill that does nothing but create mines scaling HEAVILY with your trap affinity).
  7. Razarus

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    There is a Turreteer mod or something like that (weird word) that involves crafting traps.
  8. starslayer

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    Yes, but that one gives you more craft-able traps- rather then giving you spells that place mines. Further since traps are currently not considered 'yours' your stats have no effect on how much damage they do- so I think there is definitely room in the ecosystem for both.

    A skill that gives you either timer based or manna based place-able mines tied to your trap affinity would make a dedicated crafter build far more viable (By giving you something non-consumable dependent to deal with enemies with, but which is boosted by all crafting skills)
  9. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Actually they are considered yours and scale on your stats entirely, thermite traps for instance will do scary damage to mages.
  10. starslayer

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    Well colour me informed. I thought that thermite traps were just stupid deadly all the time and warriros with there super-high DR just kind of shrugged it off.