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    I'm working on a big mod (kind of like Rogueish Renovation and Interior Dredmorating) and it's almost done but it still needs a finalized name as well as a lot of item and ability descriptions.

    It includes:
    -dozens of new rooms
    -dozens of new items
    -New room decorations
    -Heavily expanded text.xml
    -Several new diggles (and other monsters)
    -3 new classes (the Bard, the Superhero, and the Jack of All Trades)
    -New fountain effects
    -many new encrusts
    -New encrust instability effects
    -Everything from my previous Bard, Superhero, and Vampire/Werewolf mods

    It Requires:
    -All the DLCs
    -Either Roguish Renovation or stripped-down "Pills Patch" (created from RR with Iccorp's permission) included below.

    I need feedback and suggestions (please).

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