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    Um, well first of all any image editor but paint would let you have alpha, secondly, you're taking a pick and making it break apart into ores? Also this is under alchemy.

    The graphics could be made in under a few minutes as well.

    And having coal required seems rather bad given the sheer amount of ores in proportion to the amount of coal.
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    Well, you're basically giving the automatic miner a pick, and then it mines for you. I don't know how I'd create a new recipe section, and I couldn't figure out "Alpha". Plus my image editor of choice doesn't have any instructions. I added the need for coal to smelt because I thought it would add extra use to it. Besides, say you use iron picks. You can use 1 iron pick to mine either 4 hematite or 8 coal. Or you could even just use a stone pick.
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    I like this idea. It needs a little work, clearly, but the concept is sound. Nice work.
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    I'm not sure I like this idea, mainly due to one reason. If you swap fungal mastery for alchemy, you have a large supply of chalk, and coal easily. You are mainly limited by Iron on how much steel you can make. An infinite ammount of ranged weaponry seems a bit overkill. Or you could go the other way and have a bad floor 1, and then you can't smelt anything (not even a cheese sandwich) because you couldn't find the coal needed. Not even considering if you just use your mod with just alchemy in a caster build. Picks = invis potions. Lots of them. Tons of them. Enough invisible potions to be able to coat the entire dungeon with them and be able to see through the now invisible floors and wave to Dredmor.
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    You only need coal to smelt ores. Needing coal to make a grilled cheese would just be ridiculous. But funny. I like long-term survival, even in rogue-likes, and this mod helps that. I didn't consider the effects of infinite metal. True, I guess you could race down blasting anything that you can kill, and invisibly snaking past anything you can't, only stopping temporarily to mine, craft more weapons, and brew potions (By the way, I think I changed the recipe for health and mana potions to use specific mushrooms, which sort of helps). It really is extremely OP. The only way to fix it would be to add ore blocks you can mine. But sadly, I don't think that's possible with .xml's.