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    This minimod expands the list of words used to generate room names, item names, artifact descriptions, etc.

    It also adds several new room-name dependent decorations

    (BTW if you don't have Conquest of the Wizardlands use the version labeled "NoExpansion3Blockers" at the end)

    Version 3 Notes:
    Fixed Several Typos

    Version 2 Notes:
    -The images should no longer be bugged
    -The painting for "Greed" was changed from a painting of the Valve logo to a painting of a dollarsign after Modgate ended
    -The Main version of the file still requires resources from Conquest of the Wizardlands. If you do not have Conquest of the Wizardlands, use the version labeled "(No Expansion 3 Blockers)" instead

    (The current version requires expansion 3, but I'll add a second version later that doesn't use those blockwrs for those of you who don't have that expansion)

    (Also, the paintings for "glia" and "greed" may be bugged; I'll fix those later today)

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    Is there any way to change the title of this thread? It was supposed to say "Minimod", not "Monimod"
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    In a thread you've started, there's a 'Thread Tools' button in the upper right; opening that allows you to change the title of the thread.
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    A new version with more words is up