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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Heh. Nobody's found Voodoo Joe yet? He's my *other* dick move for this patch.
  2. Frelus

    Frelus Member

    What the hell did we deserve to get THAT guy?
    I looked him up, does he really hit with *THAT* spell when he charges you?
    Really, what did we do?
  3. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    We pestered him when he was sleep deprived.

    But really, Nick? Revenge? That's petty. :D
  4. impishacid

    impishacid Member

    Ehehehe, nice, Nicholas! *readies her clockwork drill bombs* (Honestly though Vlad's melee damage and thunder spell? :D Enough dick moves for an entire porn studio!)

    For me a Molluscus dropped a fiery wand, so it's probably just a random wand? I've also seen King Crabs drop The Crown in Yellow each time, and Toady drop a random mushroom.
  5. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    Yep, Molluscus drops random wands. He gave me an arcane wand (boo hoo).
  6. EvilCyst

    EvilCyst Member

    I also have two stacks of Hamm's (the Hipster drink). Don't know why that is.

    Also, first post ever! Hello, people.
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  7. Not PBR? I guess that has gone too mainstream for hipster dungeoneers.

  8. Artful Diggle

    Artful Diggle Member

    The minibosses seem to be able to spawn more than once per floor too, and they may spawn a floor below sometimes. Quite a surprise to stumble upon the Great Pumpkinn on Dungeon Level 3! And yes, it seems the random bosses can also be minibosses too. Some kind of boss-mode minibosses? Either way, it's quite a surprise to find The Baron on Dungeon Level 1, but it seems to be not too uncommon on Going Rogue (where monsters from a floor above aren't uncommon). That being said, some of the XP gains are a bit crazy. Bee Arthur is a wimp yet gives 120 (240 on NTTG). Then there's the Baron's 600 (or 1200, I had to wait 'till level 5 before killing him to benefit from it fully on DL1). The Greak Pumpkinn doesn't drop much but does give 1000, which is a crazy bunch of xp, especially when doubled. Maybe miniboss XP gain should be separated from normal XP and reduced to 150% in No Time To Grind? If future minibosses grant even more, players would be more inclined to keep them alive, so they benefit from them early in the level to get the full xp.
  9. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    That seems hilariously problematic for anyone to do, and really, I don't think people need reasons not to kill minibosses right away :p
    Waiting to gain full experience seems to me a little like the olden days of waiting until smithing 4 to craft ores into ingots because you got 4 ingots out of it. :)

    I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, different strokes I suppose.

    Bee Arthur also hit me a bit hard, but she gave me that nice spear and a level up, from the experience. In melee, some of these bosses are not easy. :) I guess it's really just different play styles. I'm more about getting rid of them now, then later.
    Also, ow, Great pumpkin on floor 2. That was painful as all hell in melee.
  10. Kyrie

    Kyrie Member

    First time I found a Great Pumpkin was on first floor from an inconsequentia kill quest.

    I throwed like a shit ton of softballs on him until he died.
  11. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    How did you get enough trapsense to be able to do this on floor 1?
  12. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Perhaps he started with Archaeologist/burglary/perception. :)
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  13. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    I bet you wish EXP rolled over.

    I would simply have fired my laser bolts.
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  14. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Going to fire your laser, er, bolts, huh, Cell? Er, I mean Giygas. :)
    I think that was his name on DBZ.

    Yeah, the Great Pumpkin shows up all the time it seems. I'm pretty sure I fought 3 or 4 unique versions of him.
  15. Kyrie

    Kyrie Member

    Yes, my dodge/dagger test build...

    Mostly like:

    Artfull dodger
    Acheologist (or something like this)

    Died on second floor, to a Great Pumpkin on the monster zoo...
  16. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Yeah. They hit like 30 trucks, 21 tanks, and 6 battleships rolled into one. :)
  17. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    I remember when I first encountered the Great Pumpkin.

    "uwuuh? what was that? *stabs with polearm and kills in one hit*"
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  18. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Yeah. That was me the second time I killed one. :)
  19. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen Member

    I found another miniboss- Tesla's Horror, I even got a screenshot this time :D TeslasHorror.png
  20. MOS!

    MOS! Member

    Some of the mini bosses i've found

    Tokugawa Roboyatsu (Samurai robot)
    Teslas Horror (cloud gremlin) - Tesla Wand
    Banana The Hutt - Wand of bling
    The Crab King - Crown of Yellow
    The Crab Composer
    The Masked Marvel
    The Root Ram
    The Green Hornet - Guan dao