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    [​IMG] just encountered this miniboss in a Mysterious Portal. Dropped a Guan Dao (17 slash, 3 pierce polearm)

    here's another:

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    I realized that a little too late. The Baron had showed up as a boss, who proceeded to counter my hit and whallop my face again. Boom, from full to dead. (Granted, the character was squishy.)
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    There is actually an NPC in FF6 named Siegfried. First appears (and is fought) on the haunted train, appears later as guiding the bandits through S. Figaro Cave in the World of Ruin, and he winds up in one of the side-rooms at the coliseum in the WoR. IIRC, he drops a Green Cherry when defeated on the haunted train, an item that cures Imp status, which I guess could vaguely resemble a diggle.
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    Yup! You're right, I remember him now. He was cool. But Cyan is cool too.
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    DL5 has an enhanced Octo wizard. Actually a little tough to fight.

    Minibosses I've found don't seem to be that tough in general though. :(
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    I found a ton of minibosses in one mysterious portal. One of them was some kind of ninjabot which summoned ninjabots and did mad damage.

    Found the Green Hornet as well. :) Pretty easy, though he/she/it did stun me at one point. I imagine that would be lethal if faced with other enemies around.
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    Yeah. Only The Great Pumpkinn and his raising of the dead, arghh, was a real challenge.
    The first miniboss I ran into, Bee Arthur, now that was a bit of a challenge.
    But the Baron, yeah, I don't know how he can do damage to you, every time he hit me, he only acted like I just drank some alcohol. :)
    Anyone care to remember what damage types he does?
    I can't imagine I resist them all so well.
    I only had like 7 AA by the time I fought him. A nice amount of piercing resistance too.
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    The Baron will also hit you randomly with some sort of fireball or fire missile.
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    You mean the Samurai Robots?
    Edit2: Yes, the Baron is a gentleman, until he decides he does not want to talk to you any FIREBALL!
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    Well, he never once did that to me. Weird. He must have an exceedingly low chance to do that. Because all he did was teleport around, make me drunk, hit for no damage, and run towards me.
    I also didn't have any fire resistant at that time, so I'd notice with only around 40 health if he hit me with a fireball.
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    I don't think it's the bonafide Promethean fireball, probably the same effect as a Fiery Wand or Burning Tome. I've fought him twice so far and I think this is the case.
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    Still, you'd think I would notice if he throws any fire my way, with no fire resistance.
  14. Warlock

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    Smithing + Promethean + Stone Secret + Mana Maille. Come at me, broski.
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    Okay. <Comes at Warlock with Thor's Fulmeric Bolt>. :)
    What? You didn't say I had to use fire.
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    Oh bugger. :eek:
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    *Comes at both with Tenebrous Rift*
    Taste the medicine I give to my diggles!
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    Finally, someone else gets hit with whatever the hell his halve-your-HP spell is!

    (I'd only just come down to DL2, give me a break)
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    I still think you broke something, Banjo. :)
    Either that, or I'm the luckiest person ever.
    I had like 40 health or something, and 7-8 AA and no fire resist, I think. And he never once spammed a fire attack.
  20. Warlock

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    I was attacked by the Baron and a random boss version of one of those new tree enemies. I went down to 1 HP just before I killed the tree and wasn't too well off battling the Baron either.