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  1. banjo2E

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    They're amazing.



    Also, which mods have freshly become included in the game with Wizardlands? Because as you can see I have two separate stacks of...whatever the hipster drink is called.
  2. ploki122

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    Yeah minibosses are really nice, plus they all have a unique drop attached to them...

    Up to now i've found :

    Siegfried (Diggle) - ???
    Bee Arthur (Amazonian Bumblebeeperson) - Spear
    The Baron (Samedi) - The Baron's Hat
    Toady (DL1 Mushroom) - 1 random mushroom
    The Great Pumpkinn - ???

    saw some other minibosses but can't recall any of them, will update the list as I find more,
  3. Null

    Null Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Toady drops a mushroom, and banjo you probably have two copies of the mod installed and the config enabled both. None were added.
  4. TheKirkUnited

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    Add to that list 'The Great Pumpkinn'. He's pretty scary.

    Bumble Bee Arthur got a laugh out of me.
  5. Incomp

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    Major Tom. No idea where he is meant to pop up we met on level zero and I sliced him with a monofilament blade and liberated his Aethernaut's Helmet. I am now a cosmonaut!
  6. banjo2E

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    Oh god, the Baron's a jerk.

    He has the Blink Batty effect where he teleports whenever he hits you, and appears to act as a gnome from a distance, except LOL I'M GONNA JUST REMOVE HALF OF YOUR HEALTH BAR WITH ONE SPELL.
  7. I got The Baron's Hat from a named Samedi, so I don't think it's an exclusive drop to that one monster. Or it treated the named monster like the mini-boss, and that's why it dropped. I ended up with 2.

    banjo2E: I only seem to have had positive effects from the Baron! He hit me a couple of times and gave me mana regen!
  8. MOS!

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    There were about 4 or 5 mini bosses in the mysterious portal I took on the first floor, went back to it after clearing the third floor.

    Major Tom dropped his helmet
    Bee Arthur dropped an incredibly good axe
    Toady dropped a random mushroom

    I've also seen an octo named musccus (sp?)

    I had about 5 near-death experiences fighting the great pumpkin, I think I was just a bit undergeared at that point though.
  9. DuckAndCower

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    Is Siegfried a reference to Sigmund from Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup?
  10. Nicholas

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    Yes. Also, a certain character from Final Fantasy 6.
  11. Nicholas

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    Oh, and for the person who asked: the Baron's Hat will randomly make you drunker. He thinks you need more booze.
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  12. Ouch! I just hope there isn't a Batty White somewhere in the dungeon as well...
  13. Null

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    It needs a higher frequency, barely ever happens. Considering it's a floor two hat you need to give up a better hat to exploit it anyway.
  14. shaken

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    I assume you're referring to Cyan's desire for revenge for what happened at Doma?
  15. Wintergreen

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    I found Mollusques (or mollescus? not quite sure of the spelling) hes a named octo and he drops a tentacle wand.
    I also found "The Tree of Woe" on the fourth floor, he didn't drop anything when I killed him though. If I find them again Ill get some pictures.
  16. SkyMuffin

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    I don't know if this is a miniboss or not. Assuming he is since I havent encountered any gremlins on the whole floor. nevermind! it was for a quest
  17. Giygas

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    ^^^ You'll be able to tell if it's a miniboss because it has a unique description and a unique name that isn't Something the Somethingly Something.

    Personally, I love finding Bee Arthur. Sometimes he drops a spear, and polearms seem like the best skill tree to use (although I did see an EXTREMELY powerful top-tier axe in a Brax shop...)
  18. SkyMuffin

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    he hits hard! did 12 slashing each turn. i dont think he liked the bad assets i dumped on him..
  19. DavidB1111

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    The Great pumpkinn is mean alright. Although, 1000 XP is nice. :)
    Banjo, in all the time I fought the Baron, he only attempted to hit me in melee and it never hurt, and only made me drunker.
    I seriously doubt there's a spell he has that cuts your health in half. :( I mean, that's a two hit kill regardless of health.
    That would make him way overpowered.

    I don't know why he hit you with a spell that did that and all he did was try to attack me a few times, run away, and try to make me drunk. Weird.
  20. banjo2E

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    Minibosses can, currently, be bosses. I've had two Great Pumpkinns show up, as named bosses, on floor 2. Really screwed with my XP bars.