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    Want to show you something I am working at atm...

    ...yes, resource pack for Minecraft! I try to use only DoD textures, but sometimes I draw (more like 'try to draw') myself, so I'll be glad if someone with good drawing skills is willing to help.
    Currently 70-80% of blocks and items are done. Mobs, entities and GUI are like 5% ready.

    Yes, I'll need to remake that terribly looking anvil. I didn't know how does its texture work when I was drawing it.

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    Looking fantastic so far. I'm curious as to how the dungeons in Roguelike Dungeons would look with that resource pack.
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    Well, that does appear to be a potentially nice pack, I have to say.
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    That is SUPER cool, nice work.
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    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
    Here goes the new screenshot. Almost all crops are remade as mushrooms (glory to Yuggoth!): melon is basically a giant puffball, netherwarts are fairywodgers, carrots are orange princes, flowers are mushrooms as well (mob-bonnets are not so azure now). I've also used some textures I've found in DoD directory, which I had never seen in-game. But they're dredmorish and thus fit the style.
    Pumpkin resembles Pumpkinn head, and cake is a glorious tofu now.

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    Dude, Holy Crap Wayfinder! This deserves it's own thread!
    The bookcases and the trap image looks amazing.

    What are some of the things you have already added?
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    Thanks! I'd better say what blocks I hadn't added yet. Well, wheat, cocoas and potatoes grow stages, most of redstone stuff (except pistons and rails), brewing stand (its texture is kinda tricky), cauldron, bed, tnt, block destruction stages (those cracks), enchantment table, wood and leaves. The last two are the main problem, because there aren't almost any living wood textures in DoD.

    I'll probably make its own thread when I'll feel it's quite ready for sharing.
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    Well, I've worked hard on this pack these days and I'm glad to tell you that most of the problematic blocks are ready now (some still require to be done/remade though). Should I release the beta for testing purposes?

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    I'll just say “sure”.
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    Well, here you go.

    Something about installation. I don't know why, but this rp works only after extraction, so I was forced to pack the folder itself, not just RP files. So just extract this .zip into ...\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks.

    And also select English (US) in Languages menu.

    This pack currently contains:
    • most of blocks
    • most of items
    • chest texture
    • survival inventory GUI (need some more work though)
    • menu GUI (need to be completely remade, because those books-buttons don't fit the default font)
    • splashes (that 'honk if you love dredmor' stuff)
    • language pack (I'd changed the names of some items and options)
    Feedback I want to hear:
    • general impressions
    • textures you don't like
    • bugs
    • suggestions
    Also, many builds would look pretty ugly with this pack, because I made cobblestone brown and stonebricks blue. I'd probably fix this by changing brick textures to the current sandstone ones. And the sandstone would be remade with textures from that pyramid blue portal level.

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    So, 2 days passed. Any feedback, mysterious 6 downloaders?
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    I just downloaded your pack. I don't have minecraft at this moment but I will likely get it at some point in the future. I downloaded the pack to use for when I do ever get it. :)
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    No idea yet; I've had a hectic Saturday, slept most of the Sunday, and today ... well, today I wouldn't trust myself to make a sandwich correctly, that's the sort of day it happened to be, so I'm not really able to test it in any way.

    Well ... it does look good in general, but that's hardly something you didn't know.
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