Mathemagic / general bugs / YAAP mash-up

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    -Both teleports allow for you to land in doors and occasionally in walls. Also you can teleport into the same square as a monster, last I tried.
    -Enemies suffering from the mathemagic DoTs can be effectively "stunned" for the duration by moving too quickly or spamming space to force a turn before the animation finishes. They can't move so long as you don't give them enough time for the animation to end and take an action. They /can/ attack though. This is probably for any DoT, but I've not checked personally. It's fairly moot as an exploit once they get the aimed teleport, and slightly suicidal on deeper levels anyway.
    -I've seen some mapping errors where the wrong tile will be used, doors flipped 90 degrees, etc.
    -Seeing monsters spawn in walls/doors as well on occasion.

    No crashing in my latest game though. Props on the patching.

    Tacking on the YAAP that spawned this:
    Going rogue, Permadeath on. (Though I did make back-ups, since my previous non-permadeath run crashed about seven times on the way down, thankfully never needed them and apparently copied them wrong anyway.) Mathemagics, Magic Training, Blood Mage, Ley Walker, Perception, Burglary, and Alchemy. I forget the finishing level, but once I had the aimed teleport I just started sprinting down floors because nothing is a threat after that. Finished with something like 400-500k and joke gear because Brax hates me and Golden Ratio is haxing.
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    I have just finished going rogue on permadeath.
    I use a fighter class with Sword, Dual wielding, Berserker, Master of Arms, vamp, assassination and archaeology. It first seems impossible to play a pure fighter class in rogue difficulty.
    But the following mechanics/bug are the key to success.

    1. When an enemy steps on the corpses of other enemys the vamp effect hitting on that enemy will stack. So basically I get to full health every hit when dealing with mob zoo.

    2. The "This Translation is All Wrong" skill is hax when using on a weapon. It will not reroll the damage stat, but only reroll the sub-stat. (like dodge chance, nimbleness etc...) So I just spam it on a same weapon to make it uber powerful. I am doing 150+ damage per hit at 10/f.

    3. Use mage armor/dodge armor because more magic power equals more life gain per hit using vamp. I get 6hp back per hit when my magic power is 20.

    This is the strongest 1v1 build I can think of. I can 2hit an Arch Diggle, 4hit the Lord Dredmor. And of course with assassination it is very easy to stun lock the target.
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    Since I'd rather not make a thread for a single bug, I discovered that it's impossible to make the level 4 alchemy recipe Steeled Robe. Double clicking it in the alchemy recipe book doesn't bring up the outlines in the crafting window, and even manually putting the four necessary items in doesn't allow it to be crafted. I'm experimenting with other high level alchemy recipes to see if this applies anywhere else.