make ALL levers in the roomsDB unpushable.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Essence, Feb 2, 2013.

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    We've had a spate of like five horror stories of games lost because some effect (Eye of Ra, Ragnor's Meteor, Rocket Powered Fist) moved one of the teleportation levers out of the player's ability to reach. That's just silly -- those levers should all be immovable. In fact, if there's a lever important enough to be listed in roomsDB at all, it should probably be immovable. It's one thing to screw up your UberChest by knocking it onto an island you can't reach, but losing your entire character because you happened to have an Eye of Ra on when some Diggle popped out of the ground and attacked you next to a lever...that sucks. :)
  2. Createx

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    I second this. I lost a char to this once, and nearly lost a good one till the anteultimate Spatial Instability Potion worked its magic.
    Levers are EVIL.
    This goes mostly for the 5 lever room that teleports you in a circle, since many terminate in dead ends, and you are often fighting in small areas.
  3. dbaumgart

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    Did this a couple days ago. It'll go in the next patch.
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    I want this patch bad. I'm getting withdrawal signs, shaking hands, sweaty palms, diggles giggling at the edges of my vision...
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