Mage Tips and Theme Builds

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    very informative thank you
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    I've never found much use for the life steal buff. As is slightly obvious in the guide though this is more for casters not Gish builds. Mark of Chthon is AMAZING though. The stats it gives plus chance on hit sleep? DEAL. Mark + Meat Shield + Astro / Emomancy buffs + Celestial Circle = BUSTED good. You're all kinds of stupid tanky.

    No, I sadly don't play Gish builds much and I feel that it tailors more to that style. I'll see if I can squeeze in a footnote about it in the "Other Skills" section.

    Exactly! Kids and their stick swinging... Gets some real skills!

    Absolutely, anything to help grow the community. Thank you for taking the time to read it. If you have any feedback that could help the guide PLEASE feel free to add your thoughts!
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    I really like it for zoos.
    I open the door, the zoo is there, I cast 2 Rifts, and in that time they run up to me.
    So I cast these 2 buffs and survive in melee against 2+ monsters easily, since the drain is quite strong.
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    Note about Wand Lore: It's also a fantastic cash crop for the first floor; just use the wands you start with until they have 1 charge left and sell them for big bucks when you find Brax. It's also worth noting that the Really Holy Shield encrust only takes 3 skill; so 1 more point in to WL and a hat of Bergstrom is all you need for it to supplement your Necroeconomics.
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    Note about Egyptian: its 4 buffs alone require 0.76 mana/round (and about 70 mana total to recast if you lose them) so plan carefully.
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    Or just keep your booze cabinet stocked and get a lot of mana regeneration. The second way is even better if you are playing a mixed build (so that you don't have many mana-using skills).
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    Once I get glyph of Ra, you don't need any of the others... Well you need one for the enhanced effects - I keep the :trap_level: glyph running.
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    All glyphs improve the Sandstorm and at least Anubis is very useful for Call the Nile.
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    How does Anubis enhance Call the Nile? Does it give the Eternal Life Buff?
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    Yes, it does. And Asp gives poison cloud.
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