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    So I am liking what I am seeing so far but I have a few questions;
    1. Does Thinkerer do any scaling, it seems to whack pretty hard baddies on DL 1 and 2 and maybe 60-70% of them time kill things but after DL3 its just okay damage. I tried leveling up via Debug mode and it didn't seem to be able to kill monsters any better.
    2. I noticed when using ???inator when it cast blink on monsters it casts them off and try as I might I cannot ever find them again. This isn't such a bad thing, but when clearing a zoo it makes 'clearing' the zoo impossible. Can there be a range on the blink? (And can monsters casting blink or you casting blink on a monster blink them into a wall?

    Again cool mod and I am enjoying playing it!
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    1. No it doesn't scale yet, because I will probably replace it (see first post), untill than it's preaty much a placeholder
    2. It has a 1/7 chance to teleport opponent, it is the same think blinky batties do, had problems with finding them myself.
    Besides it's more of a utility than a weapon.
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    It is finished, I only need help with three things:
    1. need ideas for overclocking, or a new lvl. 1 spell
    2. how do you make a buff, that charms a monster for as long as it's active (it's attacks=1, it stops charming when it attacks)
    3. balance ideas for master plan (for each of 5 stages, each more powerfull than the last, especially the last one)
    Also you can make suggestions for new inator ray effects, curently there are only 7.
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    I got bored of DoD and suddenly stopped modding this, but I'll try to finish this one so it's playable... very soon.
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    I really liked your idea, and I'm so sorry I couldn't finish that pixel artwork you needed.
    But it's always good until it lasts. Let us know if you're really finishing this, and stay connected: dod this year could gain new updates!
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    It seems the mod works, except I totaly failed the last skill, I guess I'll have to start over, since I have no idea what it did.
    But definitly gonna fix it.
    Also I'll probably change the first skill since it sucks.
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    mod currently causes game to crash when a save file is loaded after making any character build, save& quit, and loading the game.
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    I fixed a typo in the clockwork diggle effect that was causing a crash

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