1.0D Mad Carpenter Completes Item but "The Call is Unanswered"

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by KROB5492, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. KROB5492

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    I initiated the Mad Carpenter/Whispering Workbench event.

    The Mad Carpenter completed an item (the ceramics press on the ground next to him). After he drops the item in a stockpile, the event resolves with "The Call is Unanswered".

    I attached a save that takes place immediately after the completion of the item (ClockworkEmpires-008.zip) and the autosave which is most recent prior to completion of the item ([AUTOSAVE 1] ClockworkEmpires.zip)

    Not sure if this will help.. anything else needed?

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  2. Jagwithtude

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    This is a strange one, I played your before save but it resulted in him making a glowing spore, I did get the pop up of the "call being unanswered" as you did but when I checked your inventory it was there.

    I then played your after save and saw that the press was in your inventory so I had someone build it in your ceramics workshop, which they did with no problem.

    So this case is very strange indeed, let's hope a dev will have an answer for you.

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