LuteFisk Cube And Multiple Item Bug?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by rainbow, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Is the following a bug?

    I open the Lutefisk Cube, click on a icon in the inventory that has say 10 apples, drag the icon into the Lutefisk Cube, and only get 1 LuteFisk Item added to the cube. If I drag ten apples into the LuteFisk cube, I should get 10 LuteFisk Items.

    Thank you.
  2. jareddm

    jareddm Member

    It's technically a bug, but on the other hand I kinda like the idea of the cube taking things literally. You put something into the cube, you get one lutefisk. Hell you put a stack of lutefisk into the cube, you get one lutefisk.
  3. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Unfortunately, I personally find it annoying. I collect a stack of stuff I don't want, I want them to all become LuteFisk Items.

    Thank you.
  4. Bhruic

    Bhruic Member

    If you put 10 apples into the Lutefisk Cube, you'd have got 3 Lutefisk in the Cube. The number you get is 1 + (num items / 5) rounded down. So if you put 4 items in, you get 1 Lutefisk, if you put 5, you get 2, 6 is 2, etc.

    Having a 1-to-1 ratio would mean the number of Lutefisk required by the statue would have to increase to compensate for the substantial increase in Lutefisk you could generate.
  5. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Ok. Thank you.
  6. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    It is not a bug; this is the way the Lutefisk cube is intended to work.

    Note that the 5 in Bhruic's equation can be changed to something else (like 1) by modifying the value in tweakDB.xml, in the game's "game" folder.
  7. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    Thanks a bunch.
  8. clocknova

    clocknova Member

    But, if I painstakingly separate each item from its stack and put them in the cube, I get one lutefisk for each item. How can that be the way it's supposed to work. As it is, I'm forced to go out of my way to separate all my items in order to get maximum efficiency from the cube. Not fun.

    I'm assuming that this is the line in question:

    tweak name="lutefisk divider" ival="5"

    . . . and that changing the 5 to a 1 will "fix" the behavior in question. Right?
  9. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Yes, I think. However, the devs never wanted people to exploit the shrines like that. They wanted to make it hard to get Lutefisk rewards, which doesn't make sense considering they're crap in a hat, even on floors after 1. :)
  10. Desi

    Desi Member

    You can also maximise your lutefisk-to-reward ratio by tithing lutefisk one at a time. I usually get a reward from a statue somewhere around the 15-20 lutefisk mark. This is based on the wiki's explanation of how the statue works: every piece of lutefisk increases the chance of getting a reward by 1%.
  11. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    @Desi Wha? No, the wiki is wrong in that regard. It's always been a random number based on each shrine individually by how the game works.
    That makes no sense that it's a 1% per each time.
    Also, at 15-20, you would have a 15-20% chance to get an item. So, your own experiences counter what you're saying. Otherwise you have somehow violated the laws of Probability. :)
    Vegas would hate you. :)

    Trust me, it's random based on the shrine. Otherwise putting 100 lutefisk would be 100% chance, and people have tithed 120 lutefisk at once and not gotten something.
    So, yeah, the requirement is totally 100% random per shrine.
  12. Desi

    Desi Member

    And yet I've tithed 15-20 lutefisk to three statues so far and have gotten rewards, whereas before it would take 30 or 50 lutefisk for a single statue. I've either been incredibly lucky with the RNG, or the probabilities have stacked. I don't know which is which since I'm not the one who made the game and all.
  13. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    Either way makes sense, Dave.

    on lutefisk tithed
    current_lutefisk = current_lutefisk + tithed_lutefisk
    roll 1..100
    if result < current_lutefisk
    grant item

    makes as much sense a priori as

    on lutefisk tithed
    current_lutefisk = current_lutefisk + tithed lutefisk
    if current_lutefisk >= target_lutefisk
    grant item

    You can't dismiss either model without data.
  14. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Yes, but what about the people who have put in over 100 Lutefisk at once and didn't get anything. Logically that means the 1% chance is incorrect.
    Yes, I would like to see how it's coded into the game, but everything I've ever heard about it leads me to believe it's random as heck.

    @Desi I'm not hating on you or anything, I'm just saying you should go play the lottery. :)
    IT just makes more sense for it to be random, because otherwise 100+ lutefisk would always get it. Then again, the rewards are, yeah.
    I don't know, it just makes sense for the game to be more random than that. Plus, again, 100+ lutefisk tithes still don't generate rewards sometimes.
  15. Desi

    Desi Member

    It is strange that 100 lutefisk would not generate a reward. I am curious as to how it is actually done.
  16. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    This calls for SCIANCE. Lemme see if I've got a dude with a Lutefisk cube and some statues.
  17. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    Okay, so some testing - I found a Lutefisk statue, and got the following results:

    1. First off, changing the lutefisk divider value works as predicted; I dropped a stack of 50 arrows in the cube and got 50 lutefisk. Sweet. Not changing that sucker back.

    2. Secondly, dropping a stack of 73 lutefisk on the statue I found always produced an artifact out of four attempts; however, the artifact changed each time I tried, varying in both strength and enchantment quality. So you could theoretically savescum Lutefisk statues for the perfect item if you were insane.

    3. Third, dropping lutefisk on the statue one at a time resulted in an artifact after four to twenty-seven lutefisk in five trials. This number varied, as did the resultant artifact; there was no blatant correlation between artifact strength and the number of lutefisk used.

    In conclusion, ia ia Cthulhu fhtagn ia.
  18. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Or in other words, "That which is eternal lie, and through strange aeons, even Death may die." :)
    So, let's just chock it up to total random. I'm just saying. That and Desi should play the lottery.
  19. Tacroy

    Tacroy Member

    @DavidB1111: man, that translation sucks - you must have the King James version.

    Anyway, I did a bit of further testing because something occurred to me:

    Once you put a piece of lutefisk inside the statue, that <i>does not</i> seem set any sort of internal state in the statue besides the fact that you put one piece of lutefisk in. If you save and reload at that point, you still get a random item after a random number of lutefisks.

    You could probably come up with a reasonable model for how the lutefisk statue works if you wanted to sit down and grind out a ton of of fish, but I'm not doing that.
  20. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Oh, great, Schrodinger's Lutefisk...
    And haha, good one bout the translation.