Lunar Heritage

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    Lunar Heritage
    A Rogue skill for warriors of love and justice.

    You descend from a lunar kingdom from a long, long time ago in a galaxy that you currently inhabit.

    Lunar Heritage is a polymorph skill tree. The granted abilities may be used in and out of the polymorphed form, but provide extra benefits when used during polymorph.

    Installation Notes: Lunar Heritage is listed as skill number 557.

    Optional Installation Notes: For the custom sound effects, installation notes are included in the zip folder, titled Optional Content.txt

    What is it in a nutshell?
    Lunar Heritage is a Sailor Moon themed transformation skill mod that focuses on monster movement control. With Like-Like Chain's knockback and Oak Creationism's rooting effect, you can prevent monsters from reaching you while the numerous stealth bonuses waste what movement they gain. Then, with the ability to summon Fire Bolts and deal damage at range, you can clear out the pesky monsters.

    Level One: Lunar Make-Up!
    With the power of friendship and talking cats, you can become a pretty soldier of love and justice. You always wanted to be a princess, right?
    Duration 33 turns, cool-down 50 turns
    Polymorph into Lunar Form, gaining 3 :melee_power:, 2 :armor_asorb:, 8 :dodge:, 2 :trap_sense:, 5 :magic_resist:

    Level Two: Like-Like Chain
    Pop stars are rich and famous, so they must be doing something right. By using the patented Like-Like Chain, you can damage your enemies and knock them back, mixing physical prowess with magical talent.
    Lunar Form gains 1 :melee_power:, 4 :edr:, 2 :resist_aethereal:
    Cool-down 15 turns
    Deals damage equal to :melee_power: + 4 + (0.20 x :magic_power:) :dmg_aethereal: in a 3 x 1 area
    If used during Lunar Form, Like-Like Chain has a cool-down of 7 turns and triggers For the Love of Venus.

    Status Condition: For the Love of Venus
    Like, oh my God, do you actually know a pop star? Your social networking skills leaves enemies distracted.
    10 turn duration, not stackable
    8 :edr:, 12 :sneakiness:

    Level Three: Hydraulic Visor
    Your brainiest of friends built you a visor, using the power of hydraulics to make far away things bigger, so you can avoid them.
    Lunar Form gains 1 :melee_power:, 2 :armor_asorb:, 2 :resist_hyperborean:, 10 :magic_resist:
    Both normal and Lunar forms gain a chance to trigger Visor Sense whenever a spell is cast, including all Lunar Form activated abilities.

    Status Condition: Visor Sense
    Your Mercurial Visor is pumping the visions straight to your eyes.
    Brittle 5
    10 :dodge:, 20 :sneakiness:

    Level Four: Conflagratory Sniper
    If there was ever a skill to expect an adolescent priestess to possess, it's summoning fire. This can be yours for four monthly payments of $13.99!
    Lunar Form gains 1 :melee_power:, 2 :sight:, 2 :resist_conflagratory:
    Cool-down 42 turns
    Summons 3 Fire Bolts
    If used during Lunar Form, Conflagratory Sniper has a cool-down of 16 turns and also causes the Hero to gain the Sniper Supreme effect.

    Status Condition: Sniper Supreme
    If you hold very, very still, your enemies may not realize where you are hiding, despite the bolts of fire and maniacal laughter.
    1 :mana: Upkeep, Condition ends upon movement
    5 :dmg_conflagratory:, 10 :crit:, 10 :sneakiness:, -18 :dodge:

    Level Five: Oak Creationism
    Thanks to the shiny new antenna attachment your friend sent you for your tiara, you can summon plants to immobilize your enemies and somehow electrocute them.
    Lunar Form gains 1 :melee_power:, 2 :armor_asorb:, 2 :resist_voltaic:
    Cool-down 24 turns
    Burst centered on the Hero that inflicts nearby monsters with Oak Crush, rooting them, giving -5 :dodge:, and dealing 2 + (0.2 x :magic_power:) :dmg_crushing: + 2 + (0.2 x :magic_power:) :dam_voltaic: per turn for 3 turns.
    If used during Lunar Form, Oak Creationism has a cool-down of 16 turns and lasts for an extra 3 turns, for a total of 6.

    Level Six: Serene Princess Superpowers
    Using your powers of serenity and peace, you have newfound killing potential. While transformed, you may launch a blast of light, combining your physical and magical knowledge. These powers take only a moment to recharge.
    Lunar Form gains 1 :melee_power:, 5 :magic_resist:, 2 :resist_nercomatic:
    Cool-down 2 turns
    Deals ranged damage equal to :melee_power: + 5 +(0.15 x :magic_power:) :dmg_righteous:
    Hero recovers 5 :life:
    Serene Princess Superpowers may only be used during Lunar Form

    Congratulations! You are Sailor Moon!

    As always, feedback is appreciated. This is my first polymorph tree, so I expect revisions.


    1.0.1: Reduced :trap_sense:, reduced Like-Like Chain cooldown, changed Like-Like Chain to Aethereal damage, changed Hydraulic Visor to proc, replaced Conflagratory Sniper blink with Sniper Supreme effect, increased Serene Princess Superpowers cooldown and added healing effect.

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  2. lccorp2

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    Sounds interesting. I'll take it for a spin later. Before I download, though--is there a reason the .zip is so large?
  3. jadkni

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    Trying it out now.
  4. lccorp2

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    Current run with a proc-based build based on what I usually take for werediggle: Lunar Heritage, Burglary, Dual Wield, Berserking, Assassination, Dragon Knight, Archeology--DM, PD, no time to grind. Mainly using the polymorphed form for attacking. I'm only up to Oak Creationism now, though.

    Main observation is that basic attacks seem a little weaker than Werediggle, which gets a bunch of resistances and damage bonuses Lunar Heritage doesn't get. Even when polymorphed, the cooldown on Like-Like Chain is rather too long to make it a regular combat ability.

    Also, not so much a complaint of anything serious than tedium--where werediggle automatically adds the stats while transformed, I have to manually activate the skills in order to get stats from Insightful Sights. Love of Venus isn't so bad when I'm going to use it to head into combat, but I keep on wondering if I'm going to be ending up wasting the attack just for the proc when I could have saved it for a better time.

    3 trap sense is a bit much for a first skill--maybe reduce it to 2 and make it up somewhere else?

    Oak Creationism has limited usefulness, but that's more of my rogue playstyle, I guess--I try not to let myself get surrounded and hence a lot of the AoE is wasted, and it just roots, not stuns them so they keep on beating on me anyways. The template you used would've fitted for more of a wizard spell.
  5. jadkni

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    Just reached the capstone skill. Overall it feels a little weak. Like-Like Chain cools rather slow and the ability to summon fire bolts isn't really useful to any character other than an archer. The capstone skill seemed fairly strong but not like much of a capstone skill.
  6. Blind Piper

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    First of all, the zip is large for the custom polymorph sprites.

    Generally speaking, I was going for something a little less than Werediggle, as this one provided abilities that were usable outside of Lunar Form. Since normal skills and "Super" skills used separate timers, this did allow for doubling up on a skill use by polymorphing in between, which I quite liked.

    The cooldown on Like-Like Chain was originally 8, with 12 during non-Lunar Form. In practice, I found Like-Like Chain -> Transform -> Like-Like Chain, then only eight turns for another one. This seemed a little excessive to me, but the damage is affected by armour, so maybe I should reconsider.

    I went for activated use for Visor Sense and Insightful Sights so the duration could spill over into non-Lunar Form. One of my problems with Werediggle was clearing out a room, then I have half of my duration left over with nothing to kill. If I move on, I run the risk of encountering monsters just as the duration expires. Hydraulic Visor and Conflagratory Sniper give an action after rooms are cleared. If people find this tedious, I don't have my heart set on the concept and I can change it to something more universally appealing.

    The Trap Sense does seem a little high, in retrospect.

    In my experiences, Oak Creationism was quite useful in halting monsters so I could transform in situations that Like-Like Chain could not. It worked as both a panic button and a set-up tool. I'll give it a try at paralysis instead of root and see how it goes, though.

    Personally, I don't mind having Conflagratory Sniper as a skill that doesn't suit every play-style, as other skill trees have done it, as well, such as Demonology's requiring stationary behavior or Emomancy's silence effects. For the latter example, while you can avoid it, it does create a hazard for characters who cast any sort of spells in combat. In this case, Conflagratory Sniper takes up a single inventory slot to provide any character with a ranged damage option, which can be mixed with relevant skills (archery, tinkering) for a greater benefit. As for whether Sniper is too much/too little, I'm open to feedback.

    Serene Princess Superpowers could be adjusted, if it isn't flashy. If it's strong enough, but not interesting enough, I could swap out the righteous damage bonus for something. Perhaps on-hit self-healing or a stacking buff that provides armour/resistances/magic resist/something else as preparation for monsters closing in. Then the skill could be made available as both a normal and Lunar Form skill by removing the addition for the normal form.
  7. keeveek

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    Lunar Make-up triggers the walk mode for a character (it looks like walking in the same spot)
  8. Blind Piper

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    I know. That's because Lunar Form is technically a monster that the character polymorphs into. Monsters don't have a walking animation, they just have an idle animation that looks like walking, which they use for both. This left me with the option of either standing still and sliding along the ground or constantly walking. If anyone knows the code to give monsters a separate idle and walk animation, I'd love to hear it.
  9. Blind Piper

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    I finally got the break from work and university that I needed to get an update done. Here's the changelog:

    1.0.1: Reduced :trap_sense:, reduced Like-Like Chain cooldown, changed Like-Like Chain to Aethereal damage, changed Hydraulic Visor to proc, replaced Conflagratory Sniper blink with Sniper Supreme effect, increased Serene Princess Superpowers cooldown and added healing effect.

    Also, I finally got the custom transformation sound effect to work! The folders are designed so it defaults to not being implemented, as it requires a core game file to be replaced. Installation instructions are included for those who want it.
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  10. willjin

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    I got an error I've never seen before upon trying to use the like-like chain: "File named sprites/sfx/lightningarc_0000.png not found. The game will probably crash!" (which it does). I've used it both while transformed with Lunar Make-Up and not, same result both times. Have I done something horribly wrong? Pretty sure I've installed correctly, along with a handful of other skill mods that I pray/think are not somehow conflicting. Thanks for any input.
  11. Lorrelian

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  12. willjin

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    Thanks Lorrelian, that was exactly the issue. A simple change in the xml file cleared it up :)
  13. Blind Piper

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    Thanks for the heads up; I've made the changes to the zip file.
  14. laphiel

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    hmm i am missing png while trying to run mod (
    skills/selfrighteus_aura32.png) same with download and steamworks