Lord Dredmor the... Sensitive?

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  1. nabcgb

    nabcgb Member

    Thats only 5,5,5 not 5,7,5.

    Trapped between two deths,
    one health point left no mana,
    diggle gets to me
  2. blob

    blob Member

    Hero defeats me,
    But a century later,
    I shall rise again.
  3. neocow

    neocow Member

    Thrusty sees me now,
    must run only one hit point,
    if only took Psi
  4. Blind Piper

    Blind Piper Member

    Fourteen floors charted
    Diggle God of Secrets calls
    Now I'm blind and dead
  5. neocow

    neocow Member

    And lord dredmor said,
    Prepare to reroll sucka
    Then hero spoke: No, you!
  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Mud Wen goes in Grog
    Pan Galactic Gargle Blast
    Removed recipe? WHY?!?
  7. Moses

    Moses Member

    Shopkeep glares at me
    Drink a radiance potion
    Oh great, now he's pissed.
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  8. Gateman

    Gateman Member

    you destroy my statues
    you always kill my minions
    Die, you eyebrowed fiend!
  9. blob

    blob Member

    Setting up nice traps,
    Hero collects them and then,
    traps my monsters. MEAN !
  10. Moses

    Moses Member

    "Diggles, to floor one!"
    The lord Dredmor commanded.
    Kill the eyebrowed one!

    Then the diggles died.
    Dredmor began to worry.
    "Deths! Don't let him live!"

    Floor two at his back,
    Hero making real progress.
    "Nothing can stop me!"

    Now Dredmor's just mad.
    "Djinn can grant my wishes, right?
    I wish he were dead!"

    Even the djinn failed.
    Gotta pull out all the stops.
    "Send in... the thrusties."

    Hero to thrusty,
    "Please keep your hands to your self."
    A sly grin. "Okay." :)

    My humps achievement.
    That is how this story ends.
    Honestly I'm bored. :p
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  11. Gateman

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    Dude, that's a great epic haiku
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  12. blob

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