Let's make new diggles together

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SkyMuffin, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Shadowplay

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    Giggle Diggle - deals existential damage as it laughs at you. More giggle diggles together buff eachothers attack, so the more diggles giggle at you, the more damage you take.
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  2. Tycho

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    ahahaha new horrible nuisance mob get
  3. OmniaNigrum

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    Kids these days....
    Schrödinger's cat

    *Edit* Oddly, my browser was being refreshed, yet did not see the new posts made in the last half hour. So I was replying to you, HowlingLotus. Since you seem not to have gotten the pun.

    Anyone else who did not get the joke should also read the link about the cat that is both alive and dead at the same time, above.
  4. Tycho

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    Paradiggles - Diggles being carried around by Batties. Though I can't imagine how they would attack effectively.
  5. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Best idea.
  6. Shadowplay

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    Pickle Diggle
    Deals minor Asphyxiative damage as it throws pickles at you. Also sends the hero into a pickle as it teleports you close to it. Particularily dangerous when in proximity to other, stronger, monsters, traps, water or other unplesant things.
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  7. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    1.) I'm not a kid. I'm 23 and got the reference.
    2.) Considering the Diggle COULD be dead or alive my comment was directed at the chance its dead. You know... considering we're talking about opening the box.... hence my comment; which was a joke directed towards if it WAS indeed dead.

    No need to get butthurt.;)
  8. Tycho

    Tycho Member

    ...can we eat the pickles?
  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    ... pretty much, yes, although we don't support crowd buffs yet. Hmm.
  10. Shadowplay

    Shadowplay Member

    Yes! For a massive +1 hp!
  11. Shadowplay

    Shadowplay Member

    No need - let them have a Giggle buff spell which is only castable on Giggle Diggles. They will cast it at eachother while spreading nefarious rumors of how [insert adjective here] your [insert noun here] is, thus making the crushing existential damage more unbearable.

    That said, you guys might want to try and implement Aura skills (ie skills which give effects, good or bad, to units within X range). It is a great and easy way to implement a whole new world of effects like shrines which makes all diggles shrink (or grow!) or whatever your heart desires. Anyway, its not my place to tell you guys how to make your game - I just found that aura spells, no matter if the player is even aware that they exist, really help in designing new spells and balancing old ones :)

    Edit: Though making it a single target buff kinda takes some of the awesomeness off :(
  12. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    Digglemor or Dreddiggle or something.
    A diggle that only appears once on Floor 10 if you have ROTDG. XD I guess it could behave like Dredmor.
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  13. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    1. 23 = kid. I am glad to have misunderstood you. What you said left it hard to tell. I presumed wrong. Sue me. :)
    2. Living and dead at the same time. Ha. Ha. Buthurt. Double ha. ha.

    3. ???

    4. Profit! :)

    *Edit* Alright. I struckout the part where I unfairly said he (Or she?) was a kid. I would remove it entirely, but it is quoted. Sorry if anyone is offended. I do not think calling someone a kid is an insult. Calling them childish would perhaps be, but I am pretty damned childish everyday.

    You know why I bothered to post a reply including a reference? I wanted everyone to get the pun. Not malice or something sinister. I wanted to make it clear if it were not.

    My intentions were not bad. My methods seem to have been perceived as war-crimes though.
  14. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    Simply stop this one. Age isn't really a direct indicator of one's maturity (though it is still an indicator, but there's nothing forbidding someone from being mature at the age of 10, nor there is anything stopping anyone from being immature at the age of 50 [even though one would have to wonder how such a person had managed to function]), so calling him a kid based on his age when he is legally an adult is something that can be perceived as an insult. That being said, insulting others is something we don't want on this forum, so if he doesn't like it, stop.

    I've only seen his message (the one that started this idiocy) now because of forum shenanigans, but I think it's easy to notice that it was just a joke, perhaps a bad one, but still a joke. There was nothing there that would give an indication of him lacking the knowledge of what a Schrödinger's cat is.

    That being said, if the two of you want to continue this romance, please take it to PMs. Because if you don't, it'll just clutter the thread.

    And not to make this message a complete off-the-topic wall of text, I propose this:
    Paradox Diggle - with random resists (like, 15 points distributed in a 5-4-3-2-1 pattern), chance to deal existential damage (and chance to hurt itself with existential damage instead), and being able to teleport itself a short distance (3 spaces or so).

    Edit: Since you edited your message to be nicer, OmniNegro, I'll do the same with mine (even though it does look bad right now, with almost all the text being struck through. Either way, thank you for your understanding.
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  15. klaymen_sk

    klaymen_sk Member

    Actually Godwin's law is only about analogies, not about a mere mention of them.
    Just sayin'.
  16. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Well thank you Kazeto. I appreciate you keeping me from being too much of a jerk. :) (I was out of line calling someone a kid. Regardless of my intentions.)

    That said, would "Godwin Diggles" be better than Nazi Diggles? That would get around the technical BS barring Nazi references in Germany, while subtly implying the same theme.
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  17. Kazeto

    Kazeto Member

    I think it would be better, since that would mean people who have no idea who Godwin is would not be able to connect said Diggles with the word "Nazi" and complain for no reason, and people who know who Godwin is would probably just find it amusing.
  18. klaymen_sk

    klaymen_sk Member

    If you want to use them, you'd better use some obvious references. Something like in one Charlie Chaplin's movie, where the Double Cross (or how they were called) looked like them, acted very similary to them, yet there were no Nazi symbols, etc.
  19. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    I suppose you could slip in a few items that suggest the theme too. Have them drop "Mirrored Iron Crosses" and Describe the item as "Giving you an irresistible urge to march in formation" and such.
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  20. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    I had to search a bit to find what you meant. Odd that I either never saw this or age has robbed me of my memory of it. I like old films.