Let us move continuously without stopping

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  1. Khaos4wood

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    Currently when you want to move and keep moving, you have to click and then wait for your character to get there and stop before being able to click on the next destination, otherwise your next click just makes him stop. It would be great if clicking on an empty tile while moving just made your character pathfind to that destination next, and doubly so if you could click on things like doors, chests, and enemies and open/attack them seamlessly from when you were walking. An acceptable alternative would be to make it possible to move with the keyboard, its just a pain to backtrack long distances with the way movement is done at the moment.
  2. HauntedSoul

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    Seems you didn't even try to use the keyboard. Give WASD a try :)
  3. Khaos4wood

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    I just came back to apologise - I should have done the tutorials :)

    I'll be doing them all now! lol