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  1. Rogue Skill Tree

    Lvl0 Pot of gold.
    Passive Skill. Every time you hit a monster, there is chance it will bleed zorkmids. (25%)

    Lvl1 Hangover tolerance
    Active skill. Cooldown 10 turns. Uses 20 MP. It cures the "Magically Liquored" and "Mana Blasted" status effect produced by drinking too much booze.

    Lvl2 Shoe Maker
    Cross shaped spell. Uses 20 MP. It causes lockdown (root) for six turns (100% chance, no resistable). If you aim properly you can root up to five targets.

    Lvl3 Booze Boost
    Passive Skill. Each time you drink booze, you receive extra Mana.

    Lvl4 Beard Manipulator
    Active skill. Uses 25 MP. It curses the target for 5 turns, causing asphixiative damage (4), crushing damage (1) and transmutative damage (1). Scales with Saavy.

    Lvl5 Irish dance
    Active skill. Cooldown 15 turns. Swaps place with target while doing crushing damage (5) and piercing damage (5). Both scales with Melee power.

    Full stats boost: Burliness +2, Caddish +4, Nimbleness -2, Sagacity -4, Stubborness +2, Mp Regeneration +2 and Melee power +2 (Exactly the bonuses you gain when you get "drunk" in game)

    As always, my mods are open to suggestions and re-balancing (the worst part), so feel free to let a comment on how I can improve this mod. (Available on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=98621964&tscn=1348904112)

    Also... I wanted to add Leprechaun-related items to the mod but at the moment I am failing to mod them (sucks at drawing/pixelart)

    In the next update I am going to add items. (Thanks wpb30635 for the amazing Artwork)

    1.0,0 Released

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    How is hangover tolerance supposed to work? It seems that at this point in time, it doesn't do anything.

    As for feedback, Pot of Gold is fine and Shoe Maker are both quite helpful for a wizard as they allow the purchase of more booze and the locking of targets onto spell mines, respectively. Shoe Maker is strong, but its high mana cost seems quite appropriate for it to be that way. Pot of Gold is on the weak side, but it's the starter ability and it's free, so that might be fine.

    Beard Manipulator is a bit redundant, as a DoT it does require boosting haywire chance, no mage support skill does that except for Wild Magic, which is a mod skill, it might be nice to have another, perhaps Beard Manipulator could give a substantial boost to haywire chance (+8? +12?) and also be castable on yourself as a buff that gives even more haywire chance (this is perfectly possible, and it's rarely done).

    Booze Boost is useful enough, if you do replace Hangover Tolerance with something, perhaps replace it with a weaker version of booze boost that does something like restore 4 MP whenever you drink something, immediately.The two in combination would make this skill something akin to magic training with more utility, less mana, and an increase in melee abilities and HP as opposed to an increase in magic power and MP.

    The sagacity nerfs are not really neccessary, it's already a Rogue skill tree. Think of every level as having -1 sagacity, -1 stubbornness, +1 nimbleness, and +1 caddishness implicitly, compared to buying a normal wizard level (most of the other skills of this type are wizard skills). So to balance the buffs, you should maybe be nerfing nimbleness more than sagacity.

    PS: One idea for a hangover tolerance replacement might be something that does some powerful effect when you cast a spell, but only if you have the debuff Mana Blasted.