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  1. tcjsavannah

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    Finished my first playthrough with a couple of the new skills (weredigglery and piracy) and while the Werediggle skills are nice.. Piracy just simply isn't worth taking.

    The 75% counter skill seems really overpowered, until you reach level 5 or 6 and every monster and his grandmother crit hits you, rendering your 100% counter chance useless.

    The black spot does not work. At all. It does.. zilch.

    We know plunder doesn't work either. The Mists of the Corsair work, but if you're trying to combine it with swashbuckling, they don't work in tandem.
  2. BadBeat

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    I suppose they don't want counter skill on equipment to be as useless as if it were 100%. Btw, does anyone know what Blackspot does, exactly? I know mobs that have it take a ton of extra damage, but I was wondering what, specifically.

    Also, I've just really looked at your avatar, Essence. Is that a "My Little Gir-ny"? :p

    It does work. :p Also, while the Mists doesn't work with Swashbuckling, it's handy for using directly after, if whatever you're fighting is still alive. 20 extra dodge for 9 turns is always useful.
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  3. Luke00016

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    What does it do? I've tried multiple times on all sorts of mobs and have never seen any effect.
  4. Null

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    It lowers their melee power and defensive stats severely.
  5. BadBeat

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    Well, all I know is, when I use it one something, they take something like double the melee damage they did previously. Not sure how it works exactly, but the damage increase was defenitly noticable to me.
  6. J-Factor

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    Entry for The Black Spot:


    Basically it lowers almost all of their melee stats (except :crit: annoyingly) while making them weak to mundane and existential damage.
  7. lccorp2

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    How does diggle plague work? I'm not so sure about the mechanics involved.
  8. Eucori

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    I haven't tried the other skills but I can tell you this: Wereform rocks!

    I'll post a few videos soon, showing you some neat tricks revolving Brax and a Diggle.
  9. Nick

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    If you mean by stealing whole shop via wall destroying + item replacement exploit? Old.
    Plus, there is already videos about it in bug section.
  10. Essence

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    You infect something with Diggle Plague as a spell. From that moment forward, they have a (smallish) chance to spread it to any creature that hits them or that they hit (including you). Any creature that has it also has that same small chance.
  11. blob

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    Seeing how powerful it is, it should probably be a passive ability on the werediggle form. Whenever you get hit in close combat as a werediggle there's a chance that you give diggle plague to your ennemies. This way you cant spam it from as far as you can and there's a price to pay ( in health since you get hit) to use it. That would make it less OP...
  12. Thrones

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    I'm loving Demonologist, but I always stop after getting Infernal Contract. The demon form ruins the last two abilities (Not that they're that great). The best ability here is the Celestial Circle. Team that up with Necronomic and Blood Magic. All of your Necro resist is covered, and Tenebrous Rift is handled with Blood Magic for zoos.

    I threw Vampirism in the build as well, and kept Mark of Chthon and Pact of Fleeting Life up at all times. Still plenty of mana gain to do anything with. Psychic Vampire and Vital Siphon from Blood Mage is enough to cover the Mark and Pact.

    Fun fun.
  13. yakri

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    Killer Vegan seems a little OP, considering how much it just buffs your stats essentially for free.

    Werediggle is really good too, but I don't like the way the Werediggle form works with other skills that much. The fact that you don't get a variety of passive benefits in Werediggle form has made my Werediggle/Killer Vegan warrior. . . . interesting. . . . to play.