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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by zaratustra, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. zaratustra

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    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3923260/Le Mod Du Zara.zip
    So far this mod only adds two skill trees, but hey, who knows what I'll add later. Certainly not me.
    The skills are:
    Body Shots - You hit enemies in important bits. Enhances all your attacks by occasionally inflicting status effects.
    Feng Shui - Magic And Interior Decorating. A tree for wizards that want a mana enhancer and are tired of Ley Lines.

    Known bugs:
    - Ikeamancy items will appear in the dungeon and in crafting vending machines.
  2. Loren

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    Link is for a .png file?
  3. Feynt

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    <sees Body Shots as a skill tree and immediately thinks of the wrong body shots>

    I suppose in my interpretation, Body Shots crashing the game makes sense?
  4. Dyrynify

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    It is missing the "skills/emo_blink32.png" file.
  5. zaratustra

    zaratustra Member

    Added icons and refined a few of the effects.
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  6. Can/Will you give any information about these skills?

    I don't want to install them just to find out/figure out if I want to 'try' them out.

  7. OmniaNigrum

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    It crashes upon making a character for me.(Unless it is the only mod loaded.) I see that the body shots is all passives. And the other is very situational. More details later.
  8. lockeslylcrit

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    Baroque Style, when summoning furniture, sometimes summons more than one furniture. This wouldn't really be a problem except that the buff from each furniture piece stacks. This means that while one furniture will only give 5 :crit:, 5 :haywire:, 5 :life_regen:, and 5 :mana_regen:, more than that will add on to the effect, which will boost your stats to ungodly levels.
    Without even going out of the starting room, I used the skill to see what it did. Summoned four pieces of furniture. Now I have 24 :crit:, 26 :haywire:, 12 :life_regen:, and 13 :mana_regen:. In the starting room. For 24 turns. I am now a god.
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  9. LesuneFrost

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    I tried out Feng Shui and found a few issues (?), but I'm not sure if they are problems or how you intended the mod to work.I do know that your mace and staff weapons are mixed up, as your SJTAV says its a staff class weapon, but the game treats it like a mace and vice versa.
    Things which I'm not sure are issues are the skills Baroque Cycle and Rococo Cycle, which freeze the game. Temporarily for Baroque Cycle, while Rococo Cycle seems freeze it permanently. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod, or that iIm running it on a low power laptop. Also the skill Corbusier's Curbstone, creates a tile that i can't disarm(-15% chance even with 7 trap affinity ), and doesn't disappear over time.
  10. zaratustra

    zaratustra Member

    Yeah, new updates kind of broke this. I'll try to fix it when I have the time.

    The curbstones are not really supposed to be disarmed: They're traps that help you as opposed to damaging you.
  11. Frelus

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    The traps that use bodyshot debuffs hit too heavy. "My Brain Hurts": -99 mana, manareg and heavy caster penalties for 120 rounds? That means instant death for casters that have an enemy near. Really, walking into one of those is penalized way too hard, Imho.
    The debuff may last 30 rounds (And that would be much for a trap), but 120?
  12. mining

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    If a mage walks into another trap they might just bluntly die.
  13. Vitellozzo

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    So, Baroque Cycle is meant to work like it's working?
    Because i liked the body shot traps, but i kinda unistalled the mod immediately since that single skill is basically broken to ungodly levels. Not a lvl1 skill, imo.