BETA 55A Lategame Slowdowns

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    I can't remember where I saw it, but I thought I remember a post asking people to submit lategame saves where everything's getting all jaggy and slow. So... here is one?

    The population's a little over 100, with ~25 overseers and one upper class citizen (who I've never seen). People are doing the thing where they walk really jerkily move-pause, move-pause, and the game in general is slow ()hough when I pause the animations seem to move at normal speed).

    Just in general I found the bottleneck to get the "upgraded" modules (e.g. steam ovens) was quite rough. (I've also had a carpentry/kitchen bottleneck pretty much the whole game but never really worried about it) I maxed out all but one of the research projects before even being able to construct a vacuum chamber. (The exception was the 100pt military one, due to an overseer that wasn't clever enough in science). My disturbance levels are somewhere in 600 range and not much scary stuff is happening, either. The beetles are acting weird.

    My specs:
    AMD FX(tm)-8320 (3.5Ghz)
    16GB ram
    gtx 970

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