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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Abominog, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Abominog

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    With all the Crafting Goodness in this Excellent game I find my Inventory just way too small so can we get a larger Inventory - Expand the Inventory and make Upgrades available to purchase ( Maybe "Bags of looting" (c) )
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  2. Noven

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    I'd love this, then again... I do loot whore more than many people I know, so yeah lol
  3. NefariousKoel

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    Once you find a Lutefisk cube, you won't have space problems.

    You'll quickly have more money than better stuff to buy unless you're really buying up all the bolts and throwing weapons.

    Dropping all the low sell-price vendor trash into the Lutefisk cube will help you amass enough Lutefisk to get a nice named item from dropping a big stack into the altar and I think it's a much better use of vendor junk at around dungeon level 3 and on.
  4. LawfulWaffle

    LawfulWaffle Member

    My main issue with inventory space is that all the crafting materials take up so much room. With alchemy I have metals, potions, plants and alcoholic drinks all eating up space. I'm hesitant to throw much of it away in case I find a recipe that calls for something new.
  5. RF

    RF Member

    @ LawfulWaffle: I was the same until I checked out the crafting recipes. Now I know exactly what I want to get from a specific crafting skill and then, if I can, throw out the useless junk that I don't need.
  6. afterstar

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    Use Level 1 starting area ground, as your sachet/chest.
    You can put multiple items on the same spot, so you could use one spot for putting all your potions, another for bars , gems , arrows and other materials.
    The items on the ground will never disappear.Yes you will waste some time going up and downs stairs/levels to save your stuff but it's the only alternative right now.
  7. Zyzone

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    @ RF: Their are secret recipes that you can find at bookshelves. Unless you've found all the recipes, it's possible that there could still be a use for a particular item.

    I really hope that Gaslamp gives us a chest to store rarer items in.
  8. Tekvorian

    Tekvorian Member

    Just drop items on the floor. They don't disappear or anything.
  9. Balorlord

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    You can put disposable ingot presses and anvil kits within eachother for an infinitely large bag if you want
  10. Zyzone

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    @ Tekvorian: Items may not disappear, but it feels weird to just leave items on the ground :/.

    @ Balorlord: Until they fix it (or if they fix it) I'm definitely going to do that. Unfortunately I have 3 ingot presses stacked and can't separate them, hopefully I'll find more.
  11. Aarika

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    I'd love a larger inventory as well. Perhaps an upgradeable inventory would be better. There could be different ways to find extra bag space and I don't imagine it would be difficult to just add tabs to the top of the inventory screen to switch between bags.
  12. Tytaine

    Tytaine Member

    Item to increase bag space(As you mentioned.), or a skill that increases bag
    space being possible ideas?

    An alternative being just to place items in a familiar
    place on the ground since they never disappear.
  13. I think this is only a problem for beginners. Most people seem to find a way to clear out the unwanted rubbish in later play-throughs. I personally just sell everything I don't need. but yes as stated above there is the lutefisk cube or dropping them or even just crafting them into something else. I don't think inventory space should increase but rather have a way to mass select items to drop/sell/lutefisk cube them.
  14. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    No, we find a way to balance it. If you take more than one crafting skill or horde things for crafting (or even just hold on to a few things in case you find the rest for the item), then your inventory gets filled VERY quickly.

    The lutefisk cube is great, especially on the lowest difficulty where money isn't an issue, as you can lutefisk all the food and mana drinks that you don't want or need.
  15. isnt that basically the same thing as I said? Yes your inventory fills up quickly but you can get rid of, sell, or even lutefisk them so there are numerous ways for you to even go out of your way to literally pick up everything you just have to figure out whats worth selling or lutefisking away versus keeping
  16. I'm just saying I think its a problem that occurs for people who haven't yet sorted what they need vs what is garbage but if people want a way to have extra storage I'm all for it. The more convenience we have, the less complaints about things such as backtracking
  17. Aegho

    Aegho Member

    I have to backtrack regularly, especially if I pick a crafting skill, but even without it, and I sell everything I don't particularly need. I know the recepies pretty well, and know which ones I go for, it's still a massive space hog at least until you hit max in the skill and can suddenly comfortably use up a lot of reagents(particularly alchemy where it becomes "time to turn all my fruit and alcohol into aqua vitae"). Add throwing or archery on that and it's even more space used up... Ever played a ninja alchemist? Nightmare inventory juggle.

    My fastest plays are of course pure melee with no crafting. Even then it's sometimes "Ok I gotta backtrack 3/4 of the map to pick up all the stuff I didn't have room for because I didn't find a shop until almost the entire map was explored".
  18. OmniaNigrum

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    Yeah. I avoid crafting because of the horrible temptation to hoard. I will save every last item for the first half of the game if I am a crafter. I finally realized it is better to leave things where they are unless you alredy ar hoarding a particular item or set of items. You can always backtrack and waste another hour for a component to make an item that will be inferior to whatever you get for the next zoo/quest/chest.

    At times I hate this game. Those times are usually while playing a crafter. 'Nuff said.
  19. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    What exactly is garbage varies heavily depending on character build.
    Some people play random builds that might be more dependent than normal on consumables to shore up until they're higher level.
    Also, if you find an expensive item in an early shop, it can sometimes make carrying stuff around for sale very worthwhile even for builds that can otherwise ignore whole resource categories.

    Yes, it's far more of a problem for people who haven't yet figured out how useless money is in the end-game, but:
    No, it's not exclusively a newb problem.
  20. SkyMuffin

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    I played through the beta expansion with Clockwork Knight and Smithing....because there are so many good things to get, and because there's a significant advantage if you get them early, I had a full inventory almost all game, except for 4-5 spaces. Not even a full row. 75% of the time I was just waiting for that one item to show up so I could finish up a recipe that involved 5-10 different components altogether.

    It's only going to get worse with additional content and items. Unless something is done there's going to be a significant amount of players who avoid large chunks of the game simply because it is tedious.
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