1.0 Laboratories causing vexations.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by ircubic, Oct 28, 2016.

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    I have had some sorts of trouble with laboratories. They would occasionally just stop working, with the overseer dutifully going to work but only sweeping the floor all day instead of doing SCIENCE for the Glory of Queen and Country. (despite an ample supply of science materials, although I think it might have coincided with running out before being restocked) This would persist despite dethroning the lazy scientist and replacing him. The only solution was to dismantle the lab as it was clearly cursed with eldritch energies and build a new Bastion of Science. This happened to me twice in the same game.

    Another vexation is regarding the meteor event, which I asked the (third) science lab to research, which again caused the laboratory to be afflicted with a sudden case of Eldritch Cleanliness Curse, but now the lab was thoroughly locked down by the event and I can't replace the scientist or demolish the lab (as has been standard protocol).
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    That sounds bad! Can you send us a savegame where the lab stopped working? Would be really good to be able to ... dissect it.
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    I unfortunately only have a save from after I attempted to work around the issue by constructing a new lab and reassigning the overseer there (I didn't think about reporting it after it was too late), but maybe it will shine some light on something.

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    Nudging up this old issue rather than flagging it up afresh. I'm experiencing the same phenomena especially regarding my lab locking out on researching the meteor. Really impressed by the game though so far. It might not be so polished, but it's potential is fantastic. I'd attach a savegame file... if I knew where one was to be found...
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    To find your saved games, documents- gaslamps games- clockwork empires-saves